Author’s Note: Okay people (and dear readers), this is a challenge proposed by my awesome cousin/sister Tsucha. We are supposed to start our one-shot with a sentence: “Yes, it is true.” I am getting so excited and nervous now. I’ll give you a brief introduction about what it is about, just in case some of you are confused why I suddenly rush or something. This is the sequel to the very first one-shot I uploaded a month ago. It is titled ‘Aschyris’ so if you haven’t read it yet, or need a recap, please just type the title into the search bar, or scroll down. What ever you wish.

This will clear up how Aschyris ended up in her sister’s mind and the connection between the both of them (though quite vague because this is like the twist to my original story ‘Forgotten’ that I mentioned in a post earlier).

Please enjoy, and do not come after me with some dangerous objects. This is a one-shot, mind you,so it’s normal to have cliffhangers.

By the way, the official name of this story is ‘Sacrael’, because it mainly focuses around her.


Yes, it is true.”

I stared, perplexed, at my twin sister who was supposed to be dead ever since we were born. It was theoretically impossible. But yet, I could see her standing in front of me, her midnight black hair spilling at her shoulders, looking at me with those eyes of hers.

“It can’t be!” My words threatened to splutter incoherently, but with my self-control, I was able to keep them organised. Barely. “You are dead! I saw your grave and we always visit you on my-your…our birthday!”

She sighed exasperatedly. “Look, gosh, will you let me explain?” The urgency in her tone and the seriousness hidden within her gaze made me shut up and calm down.

It was well after the battle with the terrifying shape-shifting Daimon, which I almost lost, if it weren’t for Ashnewmis’ intervention-

Her irritated voice interrupted my thoughts. “Aschyris! A-S-C-H-Y-R-I-S! Gosh!” Without looking at her, I knew she was rolling her emerald green eyes at me. Seriously.

“I can spell perfectly, you know,” I shot back. “I clinched 1st  for Spelling Bee, if you are not aware.”

She glared at me. “Yeah, with my help, thank you very much!” Her slender pale arms were crossed in front of her chest, pouting.

“Your help? You weren’t there, for crying out loud!” I scoffed. How amazingly absurd was that. Out from nowhere a twin popped out in the middle of a battle, kicked its ass, and now she claimed that she had attended my Spelling Bee competition and helped me cheat? All she spouted were lies. I definitely did not see a black-haired twin like her among the crowd. Oh, who even bothers?

She looked at me as if I had gone crazy, and then smirked. “Then would you kindly recount the tale of your victorious win?”

I raised an eyebrow. “If you say so.”

I felt so stupid and awkward, recounting the story of my win. I droned on and on, obviously bored. “…the teacher told me to spell ‘harrumph’ and I almost spelt it with an ‘e’ until there was this little voice that told me-”

I froze and turned to face Aschyris.

The little voice. The voice in my head. It always appeared at my time of need. When I was backed in a corner, it drove me forwards. When I was stumped, it helped me solve my problems. I thought it was my conscience or my inner self, whom I consult when I was in a pinch, but now…

“It was you all along,” I breathed and she nodded.

“I didn’t know you were related to me at first,” she admitted. “I thought you were, well, me. Like it was some imagination of mine that I staring from someone’s perspective.”

A gentle breeze picked up; her white dress flitted gracefully with the help of its presence. Her hair was blown across her face as she smiled at me.

“Then how…you…were in my mind all this while?” I whispered. I couldn’t believe it myself, even when the words poured out.

“You know, when we were younger?” she bit her lip. “I died?”

My head went up and down.

She looked down at her feet, like they had suddenly become interesting. “In fact, actually, I did die.”

I glanced at her to continue. She was telling me stuff that I already knew. I groaned inwardly.

“I think,” she mumbled. “My soul latched onto yours.”

“What?!” I shrieked aloud. “You what?!”

“Latched my soul onto yours.”

“How?!” I exclaimed. Okay, so she was not normal. Big deal. But her soul actually hitched-hike on me? That was not cool. Not cool at all. I felt so used. I was a rhinoceros while she was a bird riding on me. To my shock, she had read my mind.

“I am a Spirit Mancer, a pnévmancer or a psychic.” she pointed out. “And that’s mutualism.You know, both parties get benefits. Like animals.”

“We are not animals.” I shot her a dangerous look. “Get on with it.What benefit did you give me?”

She stared at me, as if she was peering into my soul. “I saved your life.”

Aschyris awoke in an abyss. Abyss, because it was so very dark, without any light. Like she was living underground. She knew her name, but nothing else. Something large slammed into her and she was forced onto a hard surface. A wall.

Her eyes felt like they were shut, like she was blind. She was so scared. Scared…Who would save her? Her fear crept up her spine, a chilly feeling in her bones. Then she saw it.

A blur of light zoomed in front of her, and she managed to catch a glimpse. Within her brain, she knew what to call it. 

A vision.

Hastily, she absorbed its meaning, it was in all sorts of hisses and growls. Monsters were talking among themeselves, shadows of themselves. Tough work, but she decoded it.

A girl,” she whispered, her eyelids fluttering. “must die. She is the Raze. Kill her.”

Everything came back to her. She was Aschyris, a Lyrtle. Who was separated from her body when she was born. Her soul clung onto the nearest life-force–her sister, Sacrael. 

Her sister! she realised. The Raze. She cannot be killed! Must not! Never! The words churned in her mind, roaring. She must protect Sacrael at all costs.

Take her place. Take her place.

Yes. She was a pnévmancer, the Soul Mancer, a psychic. Calling out to her power, her eyes flashed. “Pnévma ! Zográfise mou makriá apó aftó to sóma . Na min vlápsei . Prostatépste.” Spirit! Draw me away from this body. Do not harm. Protect.

Her tongue rolled over the enunciation of the Greek words.  It was difficult, but she could manage. Casting was her forte, since she had nothing to do in this prison of hers except go through her sister’s memories. Every cell in her body vibrated as she was torn from her sister. The procedure was painless and swift and she had to do this. 

She ran out of the house silently, in a white dress that she always pictured herself in. It ended an inch or two above her knees, a perfect dress for making quick escapes. She wore matching slip-in shoes, convenient and easy to wear in dangerous situations similar to this. 

She smelt him before she heard him. She could smell his aura, dark and sinister, and full of malice. Her legs screamed at her to run, but she stubbornly stood her ground. 

She whispered another Casting: “Pnévma ! Káne me na se adelfí mou.”  Spirit! Make me into my sister.

Before long, she was a duplicate clone of her sister, who was sleeping peacefully back at home below the starry night sky. The moon was at its peak and its fullest. 

Hello, girl.” Something behind her snarled into her ear. 

Pain exploded within her, blood staining her pure white dress as she looked down. Protruding from her chest, was a large, dangerously sharp, claw that glistened with a reddish-brown liquid. Her blood.

That was what she last saw, before she gratefully sank into oblivion. 

Tears pooled in my brown eyes, and a single warm droplet cascaded down my cheek. My twin, who I knew nothing about, who I thought had died, had sacrificed her very life for me.

“But how are you alive?” I asked, half-sobbing.

She took my hand and wiped my tears away with her other hand. They brushed my cheek and I loved how hot they felt. It felt like family, something that I longed and wished to have back.

“My Spirit couldn’t die. So my soul went back to the mind it latched on- yours. I stayed dormant, recovering for a few years. If I was not wrong, they tried to attack you when you were ten. I lost my memory again though. Until today.”

“You came for me,” I said knowingly. “My mind desperately called for you unconsciously. Because…”

I choked on my words. “…you were my silent guardian. You never disappointed me.”

It was her turn to cry now as I continued, “Because you were my twin. My sister. You couldn’t let me die. You couldn’t bear to see me in distress.”

“Yes, yes!” she said,grinning from ear to ear. “We are together. Never alone. Inseparable.”

I echoed, mesmerised by the power of those words. “Always together. Yin and yang. Day and night.”

The wind suddenly blasted around us furiously, as a helicopter roared over us.

“Come on!” I heard Soven’s voice above the noise. I waved back with my other hand clutching Aschyris’. I knew, with her presence, chaos would begin, but I didn’t know how. But deep down in my heart, I knew that she would stand by me.

I was an equilibriumancer, a powerful mancer who could wield two elements and my combination was fire-water.

She was a pnévmancer, a rare mancer who manifests the power of Spirit.

And together, we were invincible.


I should have put two and two together that day. All our answers, all of our questions were answered then. We just didn’t know it. That there was another entity, a presence, an ally, living within us because of the unique connection we had. 

Forgotten twins were rare and were unheard of. As the third generation of chosen families around the world are Claimed (turned into Forgotten Ones like Aschyris and I), usually one of the twins in that generation would die if that ever happened. 

But both of us survived. And we all thought the Raze was a person. 

We were wrong.

I was the rumoured Raze, a chosen mancer, gifted to rid the world entirely of the Daimons, creatures of our worst nightmares that stalk the shadows unseen and unheard. Something that Ignorants, normal people, turned a blind eye to.

Yet, I couldn’t activate that bestowed power. It felt like it was kept under an impossible lock whose key was long gone. 

We were twins.

The key, was something else, hidden away, tucked in an invisible corner where no one but me could obtain it.

We were yin and yang, night and day personified.

A corner protected by an invisible barrier…

We were half of the same.

Aschyris was the key hidden behind that barrier; she was dwelling in my mind without my knowing. She unlocks my power. Our power.

I should have known. The one who triggered Aschyris’ memories, put her in a deep sleep to recover, the one who sent her to protect me was the Raze.

The Raze. She was the merge of Aschyris and I–the combination of an equilibriumancer and a pnévmancer; a powerful duo. Divided we were half, possessing an equal share of the Raze’s gifts, but not at their peak. But if we merged, it would be another situation altogether.

Because together, with our powers at their fullest, we were the Raze.

Hee. 1822 words. 


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