Author’s Note: This is another oneshot from Aschyris’ point of view.

BELIEVE (based on the song Superheroes, Winx Club Season 4 Ending, by Elisa Roselli)

Even before she knew she was in a dream, Aschyris’ whole life was just an illusion.

She woke up in a world of black and white, even with the presence of sunlight filtering through her glass windows. She looked around- a desk in front of her bed cluttered with all sorts of paper and books, promotional posters of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief stuck on her wall and her wardrobe.

Wake up. 

Her legs dangled out of bed and she set them on the floor, and she felt the cold immediately. She walked out of her room, taking in the view. She came out into a long corridor that ended with a spiral flight of steps. As she continued on her way, she passed by a bedroom.

Wake up.

She pressed her hands against the door and gently pushed it open. Two sleeping forms on a huge king-sized bed greeted her. “Mum, dad,” she whispered. She approached them carefully, her long nightgown shaking as she touched them. They were asleep.

“Mum, dad?” She reached out to shake them, but suddenly the room extinguished with a poof, like everything was made of mist. She reached out to catch the fading grey mists, but her fingers only touched empty air.

An empty dream, it’s there where they’re living.

“No…” She was in the Abyss again. The Dark that she had been living in for her whole life. It was like a detention cell, something like the Underworld which Hades ruled. It was inescapable, flawless: futile to break out of. She sank to her knees, and sobbed.

This was no dream. It was a living nightmare. What happened to her light? Where were the sounds and colours she experienced?

Wake up! 

A harsh whisper. Startled, she looked up. That voice…she knew it… but where?

Wake up now! Your life has only just begun!

Wake up? Was she asleep? She sensed something probing into her mind, something intrusive, something dark…

“NO!” she roared. She resisted it, building up a powerful mental wall she didn’t know she could. The bangs on its metal surface grew louder and louder. Clang! Clang! 

A dent! Aschyris paled, horrified as her defense crumbled away and then there was a black inkiness before her. So dark, even darker than the Abyss. She could barely see it properly, faint outlines tracing the figure so delicately.

“So we meet again, Aschyris the Resurrected,” it smirked.

“Who are you?” she demanded, although some little tugging in her mind told her that she already knew the answer.

A harsh laughter erupted from the mysterious being. “What! An amnesiac? I thought it would take more than a concussion to make you forget me! I am so deeply hurt, Aschyris.” The tone suddenly changed to a very pitiful one, almost like it was teasing her.

Concussion? She had concussion? Aschyris stared, puzzled. But then a blooming fury took over her. “I may have forgotten who you are,” she yelled. “But it doesn’t change the fact that I am going to send your behind back to where you came from!”

“It seems you have not lost your feisty spirit,” it hissed dangerously. “I will have the pleasure of killing you here. That will guarantee your death!”

She could not see it coming. It was so dark, how could she even look? All she felt was air being sucked out of her lungs…

“LEAVE HER ALONE!!” She felt something blazing hot pass by her and crash into the being, toppling it onto the ground. She gratefully breathed in the sweet oxygen, filling her lungs.

“You!” the being growled. “I thought I left you back in the mortal realm!”

“Yeah, you thought. Newsflash, I’m here alive and kicking, thank you very much!” a very familiar girl’s voice said. The voice… it belonged to her!

The girl was engulfed in flames, which made her pretty easy to spot. Short brown hair, round face…the name was getting to her….at the tip of her tongue…

Her eyes widened. “Sacrael!”

The girl spun to face her. “Aschyris! You got to believe in yourself, sister!”

Waves of memory of the battle swept over her like a tsunami. The reason why she fell. Why she let down her guard. Why she collapsed and never woke.

“N-no,” her voice broke. “I cannot. I am not strong enough…I’ve failed you, sister.” She felt a cloud of darkness floating above her…of despair and shame.

She felt warm hands, the blazing burning hands of her twin, on her shoulder. “No, sister,” Sacrael murmured. “Remember? You used to be the dreamer? Where you imagined fairies and angels?”

She nodded. Yes, she was the daydreamer, everyone called her. The one who was always around in a daze, looking out of windows and dreaming of winged fantasies…and magic. The magic which she lacked.

“I cannot, and you know why,” she turned her head away as she spoke bitterly. “My magic has been taken away. I am useless.”

She felt her sister get up, and Aschyris knew she had given up on convincing her to stand again. But she was wrong. Sacrael had only stood up to finish off the monster, throwing at him spheres of blue and red.

Fo̱tiá kai neró , na ton synkratí̱sei !” she chanted, the Casting syllables pouring out of her mouth fluently. She had practiced many times, Aschyris remembered. Fire uncoiled like a serpent as water flooded the creature, freezing it. Ice magic was a common spell used by Neromancers. Sacrael’s ability to manipulate both elements came in handy: burning the creature enough to make it vulnerable and then trapping it in an iceberg.

“You know I cannot vanquish him here,” Sacrael said. Aschyris looked up at her sister, who now walked closer to her. “This is your mind, only you can do it.”

“I told you: I cannot,” Aschyris insisted. “My powers are gone. I am no longer powerful: I’m just a regular human now.”

“Nothing has changed, sister,” Sacrael told her gently. “Your magic is still in you. In here.” She tapped lightly on where Aschyris’s heart was. “It can never be taken away because your magic is part of you. Believe in this, believe in your heart, and you will realise it is all around you.”

Suddenly, they heard a loud crack and Sacrael cursed. The monster was breaking out. Aschyris was terrified. She saw Sacrael’s form flicker and she grabbed onto her desperately. “Please don’t go!” she begged, tears streaking. “Don’t leave me in the darkness! Don’t leave me alone!”

Images of her facing the creature alone in the dark plagued her. It was two of her most horrible nightmares combined into one terrible battle.

She thought she saw her sister smile as she hoisted her up. “I will never leave you alone,” she whispered. “I will always be by your side.”

We are superheroes, we can save the world together…

Aschyris clutched Sacrael’s hand tightly. What had Sacrael said? Believe in the magic that dwelled in her heart? She closed her eyes, and concentrated. Hey, magic, wherever you are…a little help here?

“You don’t have to focus, you know,” Sacrael said softly. “Just believe. Say that you want to believe again.”

Believe again? When had she stopped believing?

Life is what we make it, just stop thinking it’s a dream….

Stop thinking it’s all a dream. This is real. Believe it. Aschyris inhaled as she saw the monster burst out from its frozen enclosure. It was frost coated, and thus much easier to see. It was quite a giant, no wonder she could not stop it.

She felt warmth growing in her hand. Sacrael was encouraging her as she fired balls of water at the giant. Taking another deep breath, she closed her eyes and said, “I believe.”

And feel alive, bring the magic back into your life….

She awoke again. This time, on some prickly cushion. The scent of smoke and grass filled her nose and she coughed. Her eyes saw dark clouds of grey and she thought she was in another illusion again until she heard Sacrael’s voice again.

“There! She’s awake.”

Concerned faces appeared into her line of view. Soven. Marellyn. Ambrose. Willem. Sacrael.

“Good to have you back,” Soven smiled and offered a hand. She accepted and found herself on her feet in a matter of seconds.

Had it worked? She didn’t feel empty as she was previously.

“You have a job to do,” Sacrael told her, and Aschyris knew immediately. She checked her mind first: nope, the creature was gone. No sign of his imprints of darkness anywhere.

Her job was to restore life. She scanned her surroundings. They were in the middle of a clearing, charred and black. She had to heal them.

Make the people smile again, you can heal their hearts….

She concentrated and felt the effects immediately. An aura outlined her, sending her up into the sky where she had a bird’s eye view. The destruction had caused the forest many losses. But now, she will given them back.

Take to the sky, show me your inner light…

Pnév̱ma , na apokatastí̱sei óla af̱tá pou échei chatheí!” she commanded. Spirit, restore all that has been lost! 

A whoosh of energy pulsed out from her body, sending a shockwave through the entire forest. At first, there was silence. And then a great grumble shook the earth as tendrils shot out from the soil and wrapped themselves around the blackened trees.

Energy exploded. Leaves grew. Flowers bloomed. Grass sprouted. Where the shockwave hit, things started to grow and prosper in seconds. Within a minute, it seemed that the forest had been spared destruction.

“Great job,” Sacrael smiled as Aschyris touched back down onto the ground. “I always knew you could do it.”

Aschyris beamed.








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