Author’s Note: Hi, I’m back! I bet you were wondering where I’ve been…well, around and about! Lurking on the WorldWideWeb hahahaha. Uh, my writing’s not up to standard again…might edit it in the future….Enjoy! (:

This is based on Chiisana Mahou sung by Stereopony. I do not own the song. This chapter will not be included in the book.


There she stood, so proud and tall, on the cliff. It seemed that she had never suffered any emotional trauma. The only evidence that remained was the faint pink scar on her wrist, but she treated it as a ‘victory’ scar- a mark that signified she had managed to stand up again after the incident.

The cool wind breezed past the girl as she admired the bird’s eye view of the whole island of Kartafygion. The castle that was her home, stood out from the green trees with its purple peak protruding out. How many months has it been since she last saw them?

Them. Her friends. Marellyn. Soven. And her dear twin, Sacrael. They were occupied with a mission somewhere far away, she didn’t know where. She had wanted to join them, but the Head insisted that she stayed and recuperate. She huffed lightly as she sat on the rocky surface, tucking her legs behind her arms and sinking her head between them. How she missed the three of them.

Her thoughts startled her, and then she smiled. When had she ever needed friends? Wasn’t it her who loved to be alone? She always thought that she would never need another’s company, and she was okay about being a loner. After all, she had always been one ever since she sacrificed her life to save Sacrael’s back when they were merely ten.

“Since the day that I met you, my world began to change into color. Though the season is ending soon again, these colors won’t fade.”

She took out the piece of parchment that she had placed neatly in her bag. Her quill nestled comfortably in her fingers, she gathered the words in her mind and started writing. This precious letter, that confined all her thoughts together, would be sent to where they were. But you might be wondering, how could that be possible when she didn’t even know where they were in the first place?

Well, casting a little magic wouldn’t hurt, right?

Awake. School. Training. Eat. Sleep.

That was the whole schedule she went by. It was really stressful. After all, there was the History of the Earth to remember by heart, Geography which went way back to the Beginning of the Earth to learn and the Casting language she had to practice almost every day. Casting did not pose too much of a difficulty, since she had picked up here and there to keep her entertained while confined in Sacrael’s mind.

If they knew her stress was swelling up little by little, would they return and lessen her burden? It was they who had lit up her flame of hope when hers snuffed out years ago. Every day, before she fell asleep, her mind would wander to where they were and she would dream dreams of them.

That’s why she wanted to send it to them, who were so far away.

She stopped, lifting her quill.

“Even if I have to leave you, you would wait, for you needed me.”

A lot of words could be written in a letter. She smiled as she continued. She was determined to deliver this precious letter of hers to them.

They were underneath the same sky as her, connected through this starry blanket. So with her gentle feelings, the magic will be stronger.

“Gathering up the words I want to tell you, casting a little magic, well, I’ll deliver it to where you are. Throughout the world, there’s a song I only want to sing to you.”

She folded the piece of parchment and tucked it into an envelope. She placed it on the ground and her right palm gently pressed it there.

“So to convey these feelings…”

This was her special skill as a Pnevmancer. She took a deep breath.

“…I’ll cast a little magic.”

Me to Pnév̱ma mou, af̱tó to polýtimo paradó̱sei epistolí̱ tou pros tous fílous mou.“ By my Spirit, deliver this precious letter to my friends. 

Her eyes shone as an aura of white circled the envelope. And then a flash.


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