When she awoke, she had no idea where she was. Black, that was all. Nothing else could be seen, not a faintest trace of light anywhere. A dungeon? A cave?

All she knew that there was a wall. It began pulsating, as if it had a mind of its own. It was like as if it had a heart, the girl could swear that she heard ba-dump, ba-dump coming almost every second. But she was unsure if it was her own or the wall’s. It was almost eerie; she had a feeling she wasn’t alone.

Ever since she was here, she had longed to see day. There was no faint glimmer of light anywhere. It was always night time here and she had no freedom.

Freedom, the word echoed in her mind, resonating softly in the corners of her mind.

To you, it might be going on the computer with no time limit or the option of not going to school, but to her, it was something far more of value. It was something that she hoped to do in this abyss.

It might seem impossible, but she wanted it more than anything. Because she was…she was…

Who was she?

There was, suddenly, a lump in her throat. She tried to swallow it down. That was probably the most important question she had ever asked herself. She had a name, she remembered. A beautiful one…that started with some letter…

What was it? Beatrice? Carmen?

Before she could think further, a searing pain in her chest made her crumple to the ground in agony. She screamed out, unable to endure a surprising blow…but from where? She lay in that position, so very still, until it finally subsided. She got up, staggering.

The second question to ask: What happened?

Never mind that, she told herself. She could think about it later, but now she had to do what she had always wanted to do, but never actually tried.

To escape.

It might be a strange thing to be accomplished, but if you were where she was right now, you would make the same decision. Who liked to be trapped in the same place? It was confining, suffocating…uncomfortable.

The only problem was, there was neither an entrance nor an exit. It was just an inky space with nothing but her.

How could she escape like this? Equipped with nothing, she was totally helpless. And she bet her captor was satisfied and mocking her naivety.

Whoever he, or she, was, anyway.

And how the hell did that person stuff her in here? She didn’t get it. Was this even a cave in the first place?

Suddenly the darkness got much darker.


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