Author’s Note:

As you all know, I’m currently working on a series (or trilogy) called The Forgotten Ones. It’s about the 3rd generation of selected families who are Claimed when they are 15 or younger, depending on their situation. Of course, the families themselves are unaware of this.

The Forgotten Ones are then ‘erased’ out of existence: their family don’t know who they are and they turn ‘invisible’ the next day. However, they are bestowed with the powers to called on the elements and thus are given the suffix ‘mancer’. Their Casting (spells) are usually in Greek because the Ancient Greeks were the very first people to recognise them as matter.

Aschyris and Sacrael are examples of the Forgotten Ones.

So the one-shots here are going to be used in my story. If you’re wondering why I post them up here, it’s because I write better when I focus one chapter at a time. The one-shots posted here are like ‘companions’ to the main flow.

So have fun.




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