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Randomly written poems and self-composed songs



A strum-
A heart singing out
Melody of the strings
Finger fluidity

Eyes closed–
The drum beats
Smacking in the air
Clapping in your ears
Burst of rhythm

Rhyming and repetition
Tattered brimming tunes
Pitching vocals





What’s in a sentence?
A phrase or a word?
Or a single string of syllables?
Or an invisible sword
Ready to strike with frightening speed

What’s troubling you, I ask
And you shake your head
A ghostly “no” whispers back
Aren’t you hurting?
You try to hide
But betrayed by your eyes

Maybe it’s the way I spoke
Or the sentence that fell from my tongue
Notice the awkwardness that crashed upon us
My heart swiftly plunged

You and him;
The perfect couple tied by the red string of fate
Met by chance on the streets of life
I was happy for you, really
But I saw a strange distance grow
And there was suddenly a need
For the mammoth structure of a bridge

You and him;
Laughing and sharing, loving and giving
I saw girl and boy no more
but wife and husband.

And then I truly realised
The true person who was really hurting
Was the one now reflected in your eyes

The Ignorant Iguana


Its orange head seems to stand out
Stiff and positively green in the grass
Like the dragon it may be, erect and proud
Clipped wings, slightly lazy

Never noticing:

Big block numerals that grip horrified eyes
As students hurry past, scrambling for time
Is it too late to think that life was all full of lies?
Or is slacking really such a serious crime?

Never hearing:

The consistent clicking of Pilot pens
The persistent scratching as pages of essays are drawled out, scrawled
The insistence of the flabbergasted teachers to be written on lined paper that always seems to run out
The essence that should be Time

Never feeling:

The trepidation of ultimately facing their papered future
The anticipation of dresses, stars and prom night
The small nation of a class finally in harmony
The reluctance… of leaving it all.

Never understanding:

The way of human life
The way of forks and knives
The way of just living
The way of finding where your purpose truly lies.


The Greatest Treasure


What is the greatest treasure
You seek beyond the stars
Despite the unstable future
You bravely charge forwards

Worth an entire universe;
“To obtain a treasure, you must give something up!”
Is that sentence an empty curse?
Or an inevitable decision in the future?

Cloaked in the blood red of passion
You tore enslavement from the pursued blue
Changed the thieving yellow’s decision
Took in the grinning weakling of a greenhorn
Willingly accepted the lost pink’s mission
And adopted a strange silver

What indeed is it worth?
The secret weight of a king
Or equivalent to a new world’s birth
But maybe you should look within

Look to your left; look to your right
Hidden right beneath your very eyes
Are the treasures you so determinedly search
Concealed in their hearts
They are always at your side

Nothing can be more marvelous than
The unlikely bond between the pirates of space
Though this went unplanned:
Arrogance– it’s still their aftertaste

Of Changes


What’s happened
To the garden I once knew
Grown with different species of flowers
That pented up garden
Once held scents and flavours

What’s happened
To the life I once knew
So tightly I had it wound around my little finger
Coming apart like threads of a cat-mauled scarf
As I watch it fall to the ground
Like rain


What’s happened
To the heart I once had
So vibrant, so red, so fresh
So lifeless, so black, so dead
Nothing more than just an organ
That feels me with dread


What’s happened
To the things I once knew
Disappearance, apparitions of ghosts
Floating past my closed eyes
Sinking into the shadows
Never to awaken


What’s happened
To everything I once had
Turned to water, draining away between my fingers
Like sand, drifting, drifting
Like water, trickling, trickling
A big mistake, wasn’t it?


What’s happened
To me
Once I was me
Now what am I?
A breathing robot?
Or a hopeless human with false hope
Maybe it’s time to embrace the chameleon
Shifting away into the darkness
Hiding behind the light
Rippling of scales
The rainbow starts to dull
Is it you, who shall be enthralled?



I looked over the ocean on that cliff that day
was it ever so beautiful and everlasting as that day?
depressed between the waters and the cliffs, rocks stood high
for it seemed like a castle across the waves
a tidal memory rushed over me
while I lingered on the memory we held that day

I was broken, deep down
lost everything I used to hold dear
everything and anything precious to my heart
it was terrifying and devastating
seemed to be karma acting upon my head

But as I went over the details again and as
I fuddled over my losses, I
realised that they were still with me
they still existed and
are actually
never truly or really

Sea calls my name again and again
a deep echoing melody singing to my heart
I know that love still exists
love is always around
you just have to listen to your heart