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Ressha Sentai ToQger! (puns ahead~)


ToQger Henshin


Introducing the 38th Super Sentai, Ressha Sentai ToQger~

I got to admit at the start the costumes really disappointed me- it looked awkward and especially the rails in front the helmet.

But once the theme song came out, I couldn’t get the tune out of my head.

((I swear the lead singer is damn hyper: he kinda reminds me of me HAHA))

And then the episodes were full of comic relief and interesting plots. I’d actually recommend this series to everyone (but if you’re a newbie to Super Sentai, I’d suggest watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, because it’s the best, hands-down.)

I love the transformation rollcall!!! TOQ ICHIGO! TOQ NIGO! TOQ SANGO! TOQ YONGO! TOQ GOGO (lol)!

This round, I think Pink (Kagura)  has to be one of my favourite Sentai characters because she is so incredibly cute!! You have to watch Episode 1!!!!!!! 😀 You cannot forget the Train Conductor and his monkey (Ticket!)


YEPS this time the theme behind ToQger is IMAGINATION! they actually defeat their enemies with their imaginations.


They tend to be a little side-tracked from time to time, ESPECIALLY RIGHT. I think the only ones who aren’t derailed in the whole team are Mio and Hikari (Yellow and Green respectively) who actually have some rational thinking as compared to the others. ……….

Charging forwards, full steam ahead!

Right likes to let off a lot of steam~


Track down their enemies~


They need to stick to the schedule orz

They are in some rail trouble.

Free (c)hugs!

The coal never bothered me anyway 😉

All aboard!!

((((I hope you’re not feeling bored. I can’t be bothered to entertrain your further.)))))



Sometimes it’s hard
I don’t know…sometimes I
feel that it’s kind of tedious and
lonely at times

I look at books and notes and random educational stuff on the net, but I
Don’t know why we must torture ourselves, I mean I
know we should just get it over and done with…but
why do we even bother? Anyhow,

I eat junk food (I know I shouldn’t) but it’s
just to stimulate the hungry brain cells because they
want to feel the spice and salt
some brain I have hah! it’s not like I need some
company food

The Big Four


Today was a beautiful day.

It was one of those days where I rebelled against my mum…and went off to my primary school without telling her. (But I did tell my dad though! ><)

The cab ride was nostalgic. I was with Faith, Alina and Lenalee, and we were recalling the different memories that happened to us. Nostalgia hit when the cab passed by several landmarks: Holland Road, Sixth Avenue and Nanyang Girls’ High.

I remember when I sat on the morning bus to school, turning left, past Holland Road and making our way down a slope at 6th Avenue. The cab ride felt different though; mainly because there was a traffic jam that snaked all the way up and down, which was caused by a fallen tree branch.

My heart tapped dance when the familiar structure of the clock tower of Nanyang Girls’ High came up. We were so close, five minutes away from my primary school. And when we reached, I felt I was home.

Allen told me Mr Tan Siew Whatt left on the phone. I  went: “What?!” He was our form teacher; my Science, Mathematics and Art teacher. He was the one whom I admired, and the one that made us all fall in love with Science. He ignited my passion for Science and Math, and the only reason why I got As for both subject was because of him. He motivated us, he guided us. We made a friend in this sotong-looking teacher of ours. Class 6J loved him for that.

But now he was gone…and I don’t think I’ll be going back to RGPS. He was the anchor because he was the last teacher left in RGPS that really mattered to me. With his absence, something about the school feels…empty.

A small group of us were reunited: Samantha, Lenalee, Allen, Kanda and me. Five of us. Five of us of the last batch of Class 6J. I guess that’s what made our bond so powerful: because we would never truly have juniors. We were the last. It’s quite sad actually.

Sam left after awhile for tuition. Then Allen, Lenalee, Kanda and I were left. And we decided to leave for Island Creamery. In the rain, our shoes squelched and  felt the rain on our skin. All four of us: the Big Four.

There’s something among us four that made us best friends forever. We were the first and in the end, we were all that remained today. We were the original four who set up the D.Gray Man Group, an inseparable clique that expanded to include Miranda, General Cross, Bak and Reever. But in the end, it’s always us who remains.

I felt the connection at the bus-stop, in the bus, in the rain and when we were devouring our ice-creams. We joked how Lenalee wanted so much to be a guy, and how Kanda looked so girlish, and I even suggested we do a role reversal for them. Kanda refused, and so we stuck to that. We laughed about pairings over ice-cream, Yullen, Allen x Tyki….

All four of us were really really awesome friends; I don’t even know how it started, but it did. I think D.Gray Man was a mutual love among us.

Thamim was the first to be named, because she had reborn her curly hair and it became so straight. She even wore only one earring on her left ear, so I jokingly called her ‘Allen Walker’ and it stuck. Even Mr Tan called her that.
Karena had super long hair and she was known for her speed, so ‘Lenalee’ was a perfect title for her.
Then Nicolle had long hair and she was amazingly tall, towering all over us. Though she had a really carefree kind of personality, we decided to call her ‘Kanda’.
My name wasn’t given by them though. I didn’t look like any character, and I actually wanted to be called ‘Road Camelot’, but one day, Mr Tan heard me calling Thamim ‘Allen’ so much, he went up to us and said: “Just give Paean an eyepatch and she’ll be Lavi.” Allen laughed at that. In a sense, I was Lavi. I was a bookworm and a pedophile so yeah, Lavi the Bookman Junior it was.

It’s kind of weird because we are all out of character. Lenalee was supposed to be the peacemaker while Allen and Kanda were supposed to fight all the time. Instead, Lenalee fought with Kanda and Allen had to break them up. It was hilarious. Miranda and I learned the 14th Musician and in a way, it became our ‘calling’. Whenever the song was played on the piano, every member in the D.Gray Man Group assembled near the piano and had our daily chat.

And yeah, Mr Tan knows D.Gray Man and apparently he watches it. We even gave him a name: The Millenium Earl, because all of the homework and tests he gave were Akumas and as Exorcists of the Black Order we had to defeat them (by doing and passing them). He doesn’t have huge sparkly teeth though. And he’s not fat.

I left earlier than the rest (I think they went to Cold Storage or something). We took pics. I was derp-ing around as usual. All four of us together again.

And maybe if I could, I would have stayed longer.

Those days were really wonderful.



And it’s Sunday woohoo!

These 10 weeks have just flashed past and boom! it’s 7 months to O Levels. Honestly, I don’t even feel prepared or anything. How are you even supposed to feel gosh? Well, I’m gonna try compose some Bio/Chem songs to help me remember facts and everything. I’ll make use of the March holidays to tweak them here and there.

*terrapin scrambles to climb out of the cradle and fails terribly*

It had been a turbulent period. I feel…different somehow, after emerging from that motivational workshop, which I honestly thought was gonna be some old man preaching about how your studies maps out your future. But it turned out to be an amazing 3 days with my awesome friends. It actually made studying seem easy and I really like the study buddy part. 😀

So let’s see.

I’m a right-brainer (55%), CSI (the score was equal OTL), and…. an audio-visual-kinesthetic learner? HAHA I’M SO DIVERGENT.

I guess everything became a breeze after the CTs. I really felt less burdened after the last paper compared to the other times I sat for exams. I think it’s because I’m truly confident this time, but I shouldn’t say too early yet.

Anyway, I was rewatching my childhood shows (Gransazers, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider and Winx Club), and I realised different meanings behind each of them. I don’t even know why I even bother, but I guess I needed something to keep me stable.

First, let me explain Super Sentai, because everyone thinks that Super Sentai is Power Rangers but Japan’s. Firstly, Super Sentai is the original. Power Rangers is just the American adaptation of it. Even most of the fighting clips in the American series is from the Japanese counterpart. For example, Power Rangers Megaforce (2013) is actually Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Saban actually owned the Power Rangers franchise at first, until Disney bought it over. I didn’t like Saban because their plots followed the original too closely. Disney, on the other hand, made a new plot from it and I was very interested about the two different plot versions. But after Saban bought it back I stopped following because it just sucks.

Anyway, Super Sentai is all about perseverance. In Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Alata, GoseiRed, actually says this several times:  As long as you don’t give up, things will surely work out. His optimism really inspired me and I guess I became a bit more optimistic after watching the entire season.

Currently, I’m on Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, which is the third season in the Super Sentai series to have a dinosaur motif. The show is totally fresh and different, incorporating dance and samba into their transformations. This is the first season which got me hooked on EVERY CHARACTER in the first episode.

Suddenly I have so many favourites and I’m like ASDFGHJKL. Too much spazzdom. 😀

The title basically means Electric Beast Task Force Dinosaur-ger! They literally run on batteries. YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT OMG. The dinosaurs are so funny and cute I can’t stop laughing and move to the samba beat.

Daigo/KyoryuRed IS JUST. SO. CUTE. Omaigaa. His hair just flips like some cutie and Imma likeASDFGHJK.

Ian/KyoryuBlack is such a casanova omg. In every episode he has his arms around a girl. IAN, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF OMG. He tried hitting on KyoryuPink in episode 4 omg.

Nobuharu/KyoryuBlue is an old man. Like not very old, but 32 years old. He has a niece omg. AND HE IS SO PUNNY. I CANT STAND THE PUNS OMG. 😛
e.g.” So, gee, we have to look for Sou-ji.”
*when fighting a cape-wearing demon* “Watch out! He’s going to es-cape!”

Souji/KyoryuGreen– the coolest, hottest looking Green I have ever seen in my whole life. I can’t describe him. Help. TOO HAWT ALERT! He’s so zakuzaku katana-ish omg!

Last but not least because she is the best Pink kid out there, is Amy/KyoryuPink. She’s so cute and small and feisty and vibratish. She goes “Sasuga, Souji!” and then shivers like some spazzing girl. Pink/Green FOREVER. Her pose is also super sassy.

Tsuno no Yuusha! (The Horned Heroine) KyoryuPink! *poses KyoryuPink style*

I really like how they encourage one another and finally emerge as one complete team. It’s become my new laughing medicine yeah. 😀

Utae MUCHO! (hey!) Isshou ni SAMBA! (hey!)


They are up to 5 episodes now~ Can’t wait for 6! (Secretly having dibs on KyoryuRed)