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This Simple Love Of Ours


Author’s Note: Another attempt at writing romance. This oneshot is based on C~ute’s song “Bagel ni Ham and Cheese”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEANNE!!! Yeps, this is specially for Leanne (and because she needed cheering up) SO YEAH. This is my first guyxguy romance fic so I hope it’s okay… I don’t own the characters. (Ohmygod please don’t judge me ;____;) I apologise for being so late!! OTL

Leanne: OHMYGOSH HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!! HIHI YOU ARE 17 NOW UNTIL NEXT YEAR and because you’ll never be 17 AGAIN~ have a great day, and don’t worry about anything today! Enjoy your day; enjoy your life! We’ll see each other soon so HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY OKAY. Just don’t party too crazy. HAHAHAHA. Be happy alwayssss!
Lots of love, Paean:)

(i might actually edit this later)

This Simple Love Of Ours

Kodama yawned as his eyes fluttered open. He winced at the blinding morning light filtering through the window and tried to drag himself out of bed. He felt a heavy pressure on his chest, weighing him down on the bed. Grinning to himself, he turned to see Rutta lying face-down on the bed, his muscular arms spread-eagled and draped over Kodama’s chest.

“Rutta…” Kodama called, pushing Rutta’s arm aside. “Rutta, it’s morning already…”

Rutta just snorted and pulled the blanket over him. “‘ive ‘ore ‘inutes…” he slurred sleepily. Kodama could only sigh in response as he got to his feet and left the room. Despite being twenty-one, Rutta still behaved like a twelve year old.

But I guess, that’s why I fell in love with him in the first place, Kodama laughed softly to himself. He smiled as something brushed between his legs and mewled. He scooped Shimako, an orange and black-striped cat that Rutta adopted when they were still schooling at the dormitory.

The memory of Rutta bringing the cat back to their dorm room, thoroughly drenched from the downpour, was still clearly embedded in his mind. It was hilarious: who would have thought that Ruizaki Takao, the school’s notorious delinquent, would adopt a cat in the rain? It was so cliche that Kodama burst out laughing at the sight of it– the image of a punk boy adopting an abandoned kitten on a rainy day was a popular trope in Japanese manga.

After feeding the cat, he began to brew some tea and dug out their supply of bagels. Finally, he heard heavy footsteps tromping on the stairs, and he knew Rutta had woken up.

Sure enough, a sleepy Rutta came into view, blinking drowsily around him. He shot Kodama a lopsided grin. “Morning, Kodama.” A meow came from the ground. Rutta chuckled as he squatted next to Shimako and stroked his fur, making the cat purr in pleasure. “Morning to you too, Shimako!”

“Oi, Rutta!” Kodama said, as he tucked pieces of ham and cheese into a bagel. “Wash your hands! Breakfast is ready!”

“Okay, okay,” Rutta pouted teasingly, walking towards the kitchen sink and pecking Kodama on the cheek on the way. Kodama blushed.


Kodama watched as Rutta bit into the bagel. He looks so happy when he eats, Kodama smiled. How many times have they done this? Ever since their graduation and got their own house, their life had become rather simple and ordinary. In the morning, Kodama would wake Rutta up, settle breakfast and then, both of them would set off for work. Their life seemed so perfect.

He remembered the days when their relationship had to be kept a secret from everyone. Their freedom had been restricted to their dormitory room and it was stifling.

He remembered how afraid he was when their graduation approached. Would Rutta choose to stay with him, or leave to pursue his career as a gym teacher? Those days were riddled with nightmares where he would be left all alone in the darkness, left to fend for himself; and when he woke up, he would wonder if the nightmare would really come true.

Rutta changed it all. After Kodama had confessed his fear to him, Rutta had promised him that they would be together, no matter what. And that promise fueled Kodama’s determination to perform well in the examinations– attending career seminars and studying till late at night. When the graduation was finally over, the two of them had quickly found an apartment that was near their workplaces.


Kodama snapped out of his reverie and reeled back when he realised Rutta was in his face. He shrieked and fell off his chair.

“Kodama!” Rutta was at his side at an instant. “Oi, are you okay?”

The raven-haired boy flushed, embarrassed, as he stood up. “I’m fine, Rutta,” he muttered. “Don’t be so worked up over it, sheesh.” Gosh, what was he anyway? Bella Swan? He wasn’t that fragile.

“You kinda zoned out there for a moment…but anyway, isn’t it already seven-fifty?”

OH MY GOD. Kodama sprang into panic mode. He zoomed into the room, tore off his blue-striped pyjamas, replacing it with a dark blue suit, tie and pants, and dashed back to the living room to grab his work-bag– all these while Rutta casually sipped his tea.

He needn’t go to the bank that early, but because the boss wanted to carry out a briefing regarding some promotion (which he didn’t really care about to be honest), he had to be at the place by eight-thirty. He wanted to stay longer; he wanted to enjoy the sight of Rutta’s happy face… but duty called.

“I’m leaving!” Kodama called out as he pulled on his shoes. He turned to leave, but he felt something moist on his lips…something familiar….and suddenly, the figure of Rutta appeared in front of him and kissed him on the lips. He blushed.

Rutta pulled back. “Enjoy your day,” he said softly.

Kodama nodded, smiling.  “See you when I get back.”

As he ran onto the streets, past the familiar shops and houses, he couldn’t help but feel so… light. That simple gesture had moved his heart so much; he just felt so happy. It was like… it was like… No, that feeling of happiness was indescribable.

He was just so happy.



Rutta stood at the door, his fists clenched in frustration. He put his hand into his pocket and fingered the box that impatiently waited to be given– and not tucked away.

He actually wanted to give it to Kodama when he woke up, but drowsiness claimed him first. He face-palmed himself. Why am I such an idiot?! 

Then again, Kodama had rushed out for work, and he sighed again. Both of them were just so busy with work lately; they couldn’t even have time together. Oh well, that’s just the way it is.

Speaking of work… He glanced at the clock. It was almost time for him to set off too. He heaved another heavy sigh and got dressed promptly. “I’m off,” he quietly whispered to nobody in particular.


“So did you give it to him?”

He knew it. Darn, why was his colleague so nosy?? Haruto sat across him in the staff room, marking scripts, and didn’t bother to look up. “You didn’t, did you?”

Was he psychic or something? “I forgot,” Rutta mumbled sheepishly. “I got caught up.”

“With what?” Images of Kodama glancing at him dreamily instinctively fluttered through his mind and he had to hastily change the subject.

“What’s it to you anyway?” Rutta narrowed his eyes. “You’re not the one in a relationship.”

“Ah well, I can’t help but be curious,” Haruto shrugged. “Health Education teacher, remember? I’m very inquisitive about certain romantic issues.” Rutta wanted to punch him, as the bell chimed three times. Haruto stood up. “Gotta go for class. Update me later.”

Rutta groaned as he lay back in his chair. This was so utterly pointless. Gym ended like two hours ago, and now he was stuck with nothing to do for three more hours. Maybe he should reconsider being a gym teacher, then maybe they’d have more time for each other…but Kodama had his job.

If only they could have a break from work together, Rutta would actually have liked to go on a vacation to somewhere romantic like Maldives and France. Yeah, France would be good. Renowned as the “City of Love” and a well-known food paradise, they would enjoy the scenery and the refreshing atmosphere. Oh, and probably eat at different places and try out the various dishes.

If only….

His hand once again fingered the mysterious box in his pocket that he had unconsciously transferred over from his pyjamas.

It nestled there…waiting.

It was late at night when Kodama finally got back home, probably around 11 or something. His mind was riddled with numbers and dollars and cents that he all he really wanted was to just snuggle into the bed and sleep. Thank goodness it was Friday and he could sleep in tomorrow.

He was so tired, he almost missed Rutta, who was on the couch, snoring lightly away. Oh, isn’t he adorable? He grinned as he shook him awake. “Rutta, I’m home,” he whispered.

Rutta slowly awakened, his eyelids drooping slightly, and when he realised it was Kodama, his eyes sprang wide open immediately.

“Kodama!” He fumbled blearily about. “I was just about to call you…but I guess I slept. I need to tell you something… uh, hold on.”

Kodama only caught on to some of his words. “How about tomorrow?” he yawned. “I really just want to sleep right now.”

“No, wait, you don’t understand-“

“Rutta-” He heard his boyfriend cursing behind him until he heard a “FINALLY!” and he turned. Rutta was holding a box..towards him?

“Kodama, don’t you remember what day it is?” Rutta smiled as he held Kodama’s hand. Day? What day? He was confused, but Rutta didn’t answer. Instead he kneeled on the ground.

Oh my god no.

“Kodama-” He opened the small velvet black box.

“-two years and three months ago, we met on this very day..” A ring. It was a ring. Kodama’s breath hitched.

“…I know sometimes we cry, sometimes we fight and sometimes we misunderstand each other…” Rutta’s voice echoed in his head. “But these are all because of love.”

“Let’s trust each other forever. Be honest, and talk to each other, and even if there are secrets between us, I swear I won’t be suspicious. Because, however old we may be, we will alwaysalways, be together in our hearts, minds and spirit.”

“I love you, Kodama. And I swear to love you every single day,” Rutta’s face suddenly started to blur, but he couldn’t miss the final words. Rutta took a deep, courageous breath.

“Marry me.”

There wasn’t a need for an answer, as the night started to bloom in passion.


The Kingdom of Soluna


For a strange period of time
once there was a kingdom
I wrote about, existing between the Sun and Moon
found(ed) in Light, feared by Dark, but
something and everything had their beginning and end
I knew;  Hitler and Stalin thrown off their high horses, because they
love control, and blinded by control

I read the desperation behind their struggle, they
held on, clawed with long bony fingers of decay
on and on, till they perished
for they thrived on power; but it’s only


Even as the kingdom dissolved into chaos and despair
though it seemed that it was beyond repair
are hopeful, fighting hard to restore what is

I often think:
will the flame burn on, regardless?


this thought within my soul
love, peace and prosperity will be regained

Because when there is despair, there is hope.
I know the kingdom will rise again.
believe is never self-deceit.
in the flames of regeneration, the phoenix reborns from ashes; the bird’s wings are blazing; reborn from the
sea of flames will ride the sky once again, because it is
a sign of hope, joy and pride

Long Live


I still remember the moment at the back of my mind. 

Donning our white uniforms, we had solemnly marched into the parade square grounds, and our boots went with a steady rhythm of clops and clacks. We came to a standstill, spun with a rigid ninety degrees, and then our left feet came down with a loud bang. My arms trembled a little as I concentrated on the huge Crescent logo in front of me. From the corner of my eye, I could barely see the crowd of parents looking on with anticipation.

We had been the kings and the queens. We had ruled the unit: occupied with plannings for the activities, panicking about organising camps, pondering over home visits, and struggling to meet with deadlines. We steered the unit towards the future with our own hands and brains, and guidance from our VIs and YOs. We charged forth, with one common goal in mind, and one goal only: to become the best unit, that no one ever was.

They read off our names– all 15 of them. Procedures cycled around me, manifesting in the form of a sushi conveyor belt. Recalling each step, I recited: move forward, bang, salute, move forward, bang again. Shake hands. Move hands up, left over right, bring down, move back, bang, salute. Turn 90 degrees. March. I breathed in and mentally prepared myself.  

It’ll never be the same. The Mondays and Thursdays that made us groan because of CCA, will now feel so empty and lifeless. Next Monday, when I wake up, I will never have to take my mufti, or bun my hair. It’s so strange now. No more standing by and waiting for one another at the rainbow room. No two-times-in-a-week interactions with Tiffany, Kai Yi, Jasmine, Faith, Jamie, Yu Jin, Mira, Li Ling, Heng Yong, Suen Chi, Jeanette, Siok Hiang, Lehkhaa and Xiaoling.

This is sad and weird.

We held our head up high like heroes written in history textbooks. It was the end of our reign, but it was a start of another new age. 

Long live the walls we crashed through,
While the kingdom lights shined just for me and you.
I was screaming: long live all the magic we made!
And bring on all the pretenders!
One day, we will be remembered.

The pictures; the polaroids, Facebook, instagrams; circulating. Those cheesy poses and our wide grinning Cheshire smiles brightened the images. Of all those years we stood on the sidelines, wishing so hard that we would become NCOs. And now…

We were those NCOs we envied and looked up to. We were those cool NCOs that have to be greeted. Every promotion was a step to becoming a NCO. When the baton was finally passed on, they gave us our crowns, and we held it for the crowd. 


Long live the walls we crashed through,
I had the time of my life with you!

Thank you for these wonderful 4 years.

Long, long live the walls we crashed through

I’ve never regretted joining Red Cross.

All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you

Because I met you guys.

And I was screaming: long live all the magic we made!

Our memories were magical.

And bring on all the pretenders!

There will never be another squad like us.

I’m not afraid!

I will never be afraid.


Singing, long live all the mountains we moved!

Long live all the troubles we conquered.

I had the time of my life fighting dragons (and phoenixes [birds]) with you!

Long live all the tough times we endured.

And long, long live the look on your face!

Long live all the memories we made.

And bring on all the pretenders!

There has never been another CCA like you.


One day we will be remembered.



CRCY 2012/2013 <3


So today, I’ve officially stepped down as NCO…and strangely enough, it hasn’t really set in.

I still feel like I’m a cadet (which I’m definitely am ;D), I still feel like I’ll be going off for CCA and lazing about in the Red Cross Room.

Yeah, and I still feel like I’m going to face the stupid lock in the rainbow door.

It’s hard to say goodbye to this legacy of ours — this four years of sweat, blood and tears– but the hardest I’ll say goodbye to are my squadmates.

I mean, we’ve been through everything together. We’ve been through the strain of locking our arms, sweating profusely under the sun, marching like crazy, preparing uniforms the day before, polishing boots like siao, making sure our badges, berets, hair are all up to standard… I think I’ll really miss those moments of agony.

Here’s the end to the first UG I have ever participated in. They say being in UG is actually one of the best things in life, but I never understood it till today.

I’ll miss everything.

The rainbow door that will never open for me, even though how hard I slam myself against it in frustration.
(Plus the key that can’t do its job haha)

The ironing of my uniform, and hoping so badly that it’ll be up to standard. (Praying to my pleats to stay pleat-y)

Crossing fingers and hoping I get the footdrill moves right.

Those boots that will never ever shine (but it did today so yay!)

And then, my squadmates that crack silly jokes and come up with so many weird stuff.

It’s so hard to believe that just 3 years ago, we were some happy-go-lucky Sec 1 kids that found everything so laughable. I was pretty annoying during that year, now as I think of it.

Then came the second year, where we had our first juniors. We tirelessly taught them the basics, got punished when they forgot, then we flipped tables when they didn’t understand.

Third year was full of anxiety, as we stepped up as NCO, something that we had longed for ever since we came in. I didn’t get the post I wanted, but at least I was one of the three RCK I/Cs so yay! 😀

It was only then we realised, running a unit was not as easy as it seemed. We stayed back for debrief long after the cadets left. The auntie will always come around and knock on our door when we stayed until 7pm. There was all the admin, the training, the planning… after a week of taking charge, we wanted to step down.

And now… I really don’t really want to step down. This was the first time I was ever so committed to a CCA, and I’m leaving it all behind now.

Hahahahaha this really sucks. :’D

Well, I’m saving my tears for Farewell Party, and I hope they have some freestyle dancing so I can just groove and party away with no more regrets.



haha there. i said it.


Sometimes we look into the past

Where a trail of stars flame so bright

Zooming across the sky so fast

A dawning horizon of a new light

Sometimes we look ahead where the future lies

And then our heads turn back to the time

Where our legacy was forged with pride, a single line:

“Oh, give us  strength to prove, sure and sublime!”

A whisper; a chapter comes to a close

We hold the last key with our reluctant fingers

Here, it concludes with the epilogue

But unforgotten cherished memories still linger

Remember the days when we used to laugh and play?

A symphony of sad tinkling bells seem to call

Now we understand the meaning of that Musketeer way

All for one, one for all

Hello/How are you?


Author’s Note: Don’t push us away.

Based on Hatsune Miku’s Haro/Hawayu of the same name.


I opened my window and whispered. 
How are you? 
Alone in my room, with no one.


It’s morning. That was as much she could comprehend. There was a strong barrage of raindrops hammering on her window, but she couldn’t seem to muster up the energy to pull the blanket over her head. Her head turned away from the noise. The pillow was soft and welcoming, but sleep didn’t seem to want her back yet.

Tick-tack. Tick-tack. Tick-tack. 

Her eyes hardened as her mind became a tape re-winder, and she desperately shook it off. She didn’t want to relive the day again. She didn’t want to remember.

She felt listless, sapped of all of her strength. So powerless and helpless and all alone…

She needed somebody to wind her up again.

I’m useless…I’m useless…


I must stop saying silly things and start preparing….
…in order to hide my tear marks.


“Oh well, whatever.” A shrug.

It had become her favourite phrase overnight.

All the words she had uttered were nothing were lies.

“I’m fine.” “I’m okay.” “Everything’s cool.”

Only her favourite phrase felt like the real truth.


Why is it that you end up hiding it? 
Is it that you’re scared of being laughed at? 
Is it that you don’t want to meet anyone? 
Is that really true?


She felt like she was drowning in a sea of ambiguity. Waves after waves of uncertainty washed over her, as she struggled in the powerful tides. She couldn’t seem to breathe.

Everything was dark, so dark.

But she stubbornly refused to do anything about it.

A small urge to reach out, but she resists. 

It is a sign of weakness.


Even if I’m happy or sad,
The morning sun will still rise fairly and cruelly. 
I’m already trying my best just to live, 
what else do you possibly expect of me?



So lonely.

But she pushed everything away.

Feelings. Friends. Herself.


Why do you end up being bothered by this? 
Is it that you actually want to be loved? 
Who was it that let go of your hand? 
Have you come to a realization?


Why is it that you end up hiding it? 
Is that you actually want me to ask you about it? 
I promise that I will not laugh, 
So why don’t you trying tell me? 

I won’t know anything if you don’t open your mouth. 
You won’t convey anything by merely thinking in your head. 
What a troublesome species of organism, 
The one called “human”, that is.


To you, I say:
How are you? 



I don’t know if you will see this.

But anyway, to you:

I know it’s been hard. I know life’s a struggle.

But life does has it’s merits too.

There are memories to be treasured. And then there’s us. Me. You.

I don’t understand your withdrawal. I don’t understand why you did what you did.

Whatever it is, we are still your friends. I’m still your friend.

I don’t care whatever you do, you can’t throw us away.

I’m voicing out what they think too.


Don’t break this treasure we share.

I know everything happens for a reason.

Just…don’t be selfish. Whatever you do affects us. And what you did really hurt us. I know you are hurt too. But you can’t solve anything by yourself.

You are lonely, I get it. But…

Can we just talk about this? Face to face? I don’t know if either of us have the courage to speak up.

You know what.

Forget it.

Just remember this.

We all love you so don’t do anything stupid.




Author’s Note: This is dedicated to my precious cousin and ‘sister’, Elicia/Tsubaki. She’s gonna evade me tomorrow in school so I can’t personally wish a happy birthday (yet). Anyway, tanjoubi omedetou, Tsubaki-san! 誕生日おめでとう!Hehe… I will bug you on Tuesday so don’t think you can escape me for long hoho.

To my dear Elicia: Happy 17th Birthday (: I love you so much. Thank you for the wonderful Valentine’s Day cover. :’) I wanted to do the same, but as you know, I suck. Maybe I’ll do one somewhere around the week? Need to catch up on my homework though. I’ll hug you on Tuesday. What time do you end? 4? Let me give you a proper hug/greeting on that day okay? I hope you’ll find this pressie okay…..MY WRITING DEGRADED D: meh.

This song-fic is based on Onnaji Kimochi by TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE. And to my classmates who might have “stumbled” upon this: THIS IS THE SONG I’VE BEEN DANCING TO 😀

Ehhh gomen if it’s weird.


Hey there, it’s finally spring.

It’s weird how time flies, doesn’t it? I can still see the frosty remnants on the trees. The sun is bright as ever, and the ice melts, trickling into drops of cold water. I’m looking at a leaf now; it’s green with life. Isn’t it strange how the trees were barren before? Mother Nature sure knows the beauty of life, doesn’t she?

Life and death; spring and winter. I’m pretty sure there’s a message behind it all. 

Ah! I felt a wind…such a refreshing scent! It blows gently on my face…is it you I wonder? It feels like caresses, like your hugs. Eh… I taste salt. Why is it drizzling all of a sudden?

I better close the windows before this gets smudged.

Wait for me, alright? 🙂


“I really love having you with me,” Moune suddenly said.

Eri, who was happily munching on a cookie, choked. “What?!” She patted her chest and coughed dramatically.

Moune crawled on the spongy grass on her knees, her brown curls bouncing on her shoulders, towards the other teen who had barely regained her senses. “I’m serious! I really do love having you with me!”

Eri wiped the crumbs off her pink skirt, her pony tail swishing in the wind as she faced Moune. “And that took you four years to realise?”

The taller teen flipped herself over as she gazed towards the sky, sighing. Eri laid down next to her, tucking her palms under her head. The clouds drifted lazily by as black silhouettes of birds graced across them.

“It’s finally the year, huh,” Moune said, mostly to herself.

With a jolt, Eri realised what it was all about. And then, the same sorrow washed over her and suddenly a cold wind blew. The tree that majestically stood over them seemed to wither in size as its leaves were blown away.


What’s up. 

I don’t feel as cheery, maybe it’s because you’re not here with me.

I don’t feel like writing anymore. Whose idea was it anyway? Mine? I should have known better, since I’m a girl of few words. 

I’ll see you.



“Ehh~!” Moune scratched her head. A bandanna was tied across a forehead with the words “GAMBATTE” sploshed across. Her eyes glanced with frustration at the mathematics book in front of her. “I can’t do this question!!” Instantly she turned to Eri who was sitting next to her, in deep concentration. “Eri!! I can’t do this!! Help!”

“Eh?” Eri was shaking herself out of her stupor. “Oh, oh okay. Which question?” Moune’s eyes lit up and immediately thrust  the math book into Eri’s face childishly.

Eri looked it over, nodded to herself, and began to work it out. Moune watched in awe as her pen flew over the paper and then ended off with two strokes. “There!” Eri said satisfactorily.

Moune threw herself onto Eri, hugging her tightly. “With you around, any problem can be solved!!”

“Moune! MOUNE!’ Eri gasped heavily. “I CAN’T BREATHE!”


Hello again! 🙂

I just saw a butterfly! It was really pretty and it reminded me of you. Yellow always seemed to be your colour. Strangely, everything I see is yellow.

Did you know? Yellow is sunshine, which equals happiness! The sun definitely looks like you! Bursting with happiness everyday! 

Hope you are happy now!


“So it’s tomorrow?”


They were at their favourite spot again, lying beside each other under the tree, under the dark glittering sky. Moune blinked away the tears as she turned to face Eri, who looked undisturbed. Her cheerful eyes reflected the shimmering stars.

“Aren’t the stars wonderful?” Eri breathed. “You know, my mum always said stars were dreams. God captured those dreams and pasted them on the sky so that it can be seen all over the world.” Moune watched as Eri’s fingers playfully stretched towards the sky, as if grasping the sprinkling dreams.


Moune closed her eyes.


I made a wish that night.

Because you are too important to me, I want to hold you forever.

I wanted you to remain.


The two friends faced each other. One, holding back tears, clutching a card to her chest. The other, still smiling as she heard the distinct thumps of furniture being loaded onto the truck behind her.

“So this is it,” Moune clamped her jaw to keep her voice from breaking. I will be strong. I will be strong. I will not cry in front of her.

“Yeah.” Eri nodded, not knowing what to say. What do I do? What should I do? How do I even say goodbye?

The wind drifted between the two of them, bringing awkwardness into the atmosphere.

Moune walked slowly, towards Eri, respectfully holding out a card. in which she had invested almost a whole month. Pictures of them smiling decorated with colourful stickers and well-wishes suddenly seemed inappropriate.

“Thank you, Moune,” Eri flashed her a smile. Moune smiled back.

They didn’t know who initiated it first, but they found themselves in each other’s arms, sobbing crazily. “I’ll miss you so much!” Moune cried.

“I’ll come back one day,” Eri promised, tears running down her cheeks without constraint. “But for now, tomorrow, don’t be sad anymore. Remain spirited, Moune. We’ll meet again.”

“Write to me okay?” Moune pleaded. “I’ll write to you, as often as possible. Please, please don’t forget me!”

“Don’t worry, I will, and trust me, you’ll never be forgotten,” Eri said. “Ever.”

They held each other like there was never going to be another tomorrow.


I received your letter, Eri.

It’s weird that you’d be the first to reply.  After all, I was the one who initiated it. 

I’ve missed you so much…

How long must I wait?

You were my…



Even tomorrow, we must be spirited. Let’s get together again…

We’ll meet each other soon okay?




Remember that certain feeling when you made the wish…


….I miss you.


….I love you.


It happened only five years later.

Eri boarded a train.

Moune flagged down a bus.

Both of them stared out of the windows.

She watched the clouds; she watched the trees.
She saw the stars; she felt the wind.
She smiled; so did she.

They headed to the same destination: an old oak tree in the middle of a field of grass.


Tomorrow is going to be a fine day. We’ll meet each other soon.

Three-Leaf Clover


Author’s Note: This particular one-shot is a combination of two songs- Friendship Birthday and Kurobaa (Clover). As you probably know, Friendship Birthday is sung by Sea*A. You might be wondering why I’m doing it again- well, it’s because at that point of time when the Imera-Selina fic was published, it was a preview. So this is the other half of the song. Plus, Clover is by The Sketchbook, a band created from the anime Sket Dance. You should watch it, it’s really funny, sad and touching at the same time.

Can I dedicate this to Princess Shell Yue and her inseparable twin Xin Yi? This is to thank them for being my study buddies! (:

This is in Selina’s POV haha~

Three-Leaf Clover

Ever since my parents died in the flames and got dumped in an orphanage, I knew I had to run away.

I had nothing much to take with me- almost everything I used to have were forcibly taken away. All I needed to bring along with me was food and water, nothing else. This journey I wanted to take, this journey I wanted to make, was to find something…

Something in this world that might give me something to live for….

Something that could change me.

When I was a child, I had searched for it. That mysterious tugging in my heart that was drawing me to somewhere…towards a thing.

But however frantic I was, I couldn’t find it. 

I was a child, back then. I had certain restrictions, certain impossibilities. Maybe on this journey, I might be able to find that one thing I had been missing all this while… Yet, I might not. 

Should I just move on?
Should I just wait and stay?
And find a family that could restore love and warmth within me?

Should I give up?

I hit the dirt road in the lazy hours of dawn. I had snuck out of the building and made my way down the path that widened into a huge road. It was dangerous for a girl of twelve to be roaming such areas alone, but I didn’t know at that time.

I was a clumsy person. Only a few miles down the road and I had already tripped on a rock, scraped my knees and dropped my supplies. Not to mention about the burning heat in the area.

It was only then that a realisation dawned upon me- the one thing I needed to find.


It seemed ridiculous, almost pointless. Luck wasn’t something that could be obtained: it was fickle and it’s almost rare, like a miracle. Wait, luck is not a miracle. It is miracle personified.

Maybe the sign of luckiness will bring me happiness.

And to find luck…


I had to find a clover.

I remembered that spreading eternal color in my little eyes. The grass was plentiful with clovers, and every clover looked like each other.

I remember my mother saying how four-leaf clovers could be luck, because they were so rare. 

But sometimes I softly piled up the three-leaf clovers. I would pluck them gently, and stack them up. I was pretty sane then. 

Yet I cannot remember.

Because there was a reason why I couldn’t let them go.

Every single day is an ordinary day in life. It’s so ordinary, so boring…so unexciting.

I was an adventurous kid who longed for thrills in life. But yet, I understood, that beneath all of the simplicity, there was a hidden beauty in every emotion felt during that one ordinary day.

Every day told a different story, filled with different feelings and life lessons. That’s the beauty: it could only be experienced once in a lifetime- no today is the same as yesterday.

I remember reaching Port after a while. Port, the bustling town full of rich and arrogant people. The moment I saw how selfishly they behaved, I disliked them immediately. Although my family was rich, we believed in charity. My father had made donating a habit, something done almost every day.

The people in Port had cast aside the poor, like as if they ceased to exist. I felt my eyes open to the harsh reality of this cruel world. When you are poor, you are nobody. And everyone will treat you like dirt, even if you were rich before. I knew exactly how the poor were feeling: it happened to me too.

It was then I decided to remain in Port to help out the poor souls. But the selfishness in Port had rubbed off on the poor. It was every woman, man and child for themselves. I closed my eyes, as I prepared to leave the place.

And then, I found her.


It came rushing back to me. I remember the park near my family’s mansion, where every kid went to have fun. They had been looking for four-leaf clovers as well.

But as I stood and watched, I realised that they had been ignoring the three-leaf clovers. The forgotten clovers, the ones that everybody didn’t care about and treated like as if they were ghosts, were stomped on. I remember tears springing to my eyes when I saw the horror of it all.

The clovers all harshly trampled upon in the children’s search for a rare four-leaf clover. I imagined their pain, their torture, their cries of agony under the brute and childish strength. 

Was it really that important that others had to die just for the sake of one single thing?

When the sun finally went down, the children left the park and I shook as I went over to the clovers. To my surprise, they were still intact. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

They were crumpled, but they were still standing upright. A breeze swept through the field and I heard whispers, as if they were telling me…

…They were telling me that even if I am feeling down, I shouldn’t worry about it…and smile, instead.

I took you away from the hideous Port. You were young, you could still be saved from the world of selfishness. I remember we cloaked ourselves in the shadows of the night and we ran forwards. We embarked on the journey together, to find the new beginning of a new day.

It was only then that I realised I never had friends. I had always been alone with no siblings to play with. But when you came along…I could see it when I closed my eyes.

Every smile you smiled at me was so clear, so vivid. You were the light that burned in my heart, guiding me through the lonely night.  And I will hold you tight, I would never let you go. So don’t be afraid and fear no more, because I am with you now.

It was a year later when we arrived at the cliffs by the ocean. And I remember how we ran endlessly. I believed thatour future lied ahead, further than I had anticipated. We had settled down in several towns, but we were chased out after a few months after they found out we were the rats that had escaped from Port.

I remembered telling you that the journey seemed endless. We were losing hope, but regardless, we must continue to soar. We could dream a dream and wish fervently together, picturing that future we wanted– because it was easier if we did it together.

We cry, smile, get mad, blush.  

But these busy three leaves are always in the same place. Even if we’re pointed towards different places, our roots are the same.

Because we are connected.

I suspected it for a while, ever since I brought you along.

That you were the thing I had looked around the world for. I had found the only- my one and only- precious treasure. Now that I had gotten you, I’ve learned to believe in us. I finally believed in the power of our friendship and the strength of staying together forever.

I remember feeling a quiet touch, a miracle that I had been trying to find from my heart. And I knew it was you, Imera.

You were that three-leaf clover I was trying to find, the only one of its kind; unique.

Because it’s the one only I was looking for, your three leaves swaying in the wind. 

It’s swaying in the wind and smiling.

I wish that your leaves will last forever, and even if the seasons change, I know that with your leaves, you will kick away all the sadness that we have not experienced yet. 

I believe, Imera, in you.

My very own three-leaf clover.