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The little girl carefully tiptoes around the orange-red swarm of tiny soldier crabs. A large crab (yet only the size of her little toe) furiously waves its heavy scarlet claws harmlessly at her while the rest scramble to safety.

via — symbal

king’s cup

a corrugated circle of seven
we drink, not to life, but what comes after
some faces, rum-redder, floor-throbbing heaven
we rant about heathens, harlots, bastards
murmurs bubble, lime-tinted, steel foiled can.
crackling static, charcoal-red pit of oil
Mix: there, something brown floats limp, dead round thing.
twenty-two cards and a grim king facedown
we draw our cards- two stretched spindly nails
scratch the edge of the white-rimmed china-blue
luck favours the foolish. But the king seeks