Monthly Archives: February 2017

A Confession from Ogygia

nymph-daughter of the burden-weary Atlas
who tempt storm-battered heroes
and keep them in thy cavernous heart
only to deliver them
knowingly, unwillingly, helplessly
out of thy immortal reach
like my father
I shall pull up thy anchor
from the stormy seas
lift thy heavy heart
and sail, sail, sail
I too know of love
– I’ve held, caught and released-
weather-worn worms that come seeking respite
I soothe their storm-battered souls
heal their ache with my own
(yet they all leave in the end)
I have waited like she
the young maiden who waited for seven years
for her own butterfly to emerge
concealed in his cleverly crafted cocoon
so she could clasp him on her breast
to gleam, glitter, glow
he emerges, metamorphosising into
a living Greek statue
marbled, polished, alabaster white
with another by his side
and so she sails, sails, sails
through the ocean of her own tears
to find the island where I live