Monthly Archives: August 2014



By a fate of misfortune
We are gathered here today
To witness a loon
Undeniably lost in his way

We are nothing more than
Dodgy dolphins in this vast cold sea
While the elephants roam on land
What more could there be?

We want to change
But because we’re too busy
(or so they say)
to deal with this range
of problems today







She remembers a shooting star.

It blazes through the cloudless dark sky as a trail of star bits fizz out. It lights up the city skyline, a faint glimmer against the black canvas. As the light gradually fades, the skyline simmers  until it blends perfectly into the background. She sits on top of a hill as the wind gently caresses her skin. She hears the rustle of the leaves as they drift away, twirling and looping towards the invisible horizon.

She is alone.

She sighs, sinking her head into her knees, as if the warm comfort was enough to blanket the chill she is starting to feel. The feeling is the sort that creeps up your spine, rather than the violent sort that smashes into your face every now and then. She doesn’t know which one is better.

She looks up at the sky again where earlier this afternoon, planes had skimmed overhead and disappeared into the haunting blue sky. Now, there’s nothing.

A tear falls.

Like a drop from the stars above, she feels it on her cheek. She doesn’t deny that it’s hers. After all, her heart is aching so bad that it would seem so…. (…just forget it.). She brushes it away. If all these pain were real, then she must be alive. But what if she didn’t want to? What if she just wanted to end it? She thinks back and realises it isn’t worth it. This tear… (or tears) aren’t actually tears of regret. Why should she regret being alive?

She plugs in her earphones and plays the song that has been on repeat the whole month. As the melody opens with a gentle strum of a guitar, her heartstrings sing out. It washes over her like a wave of euphoria, washing away all the pain, all the agony, all the sadness… There is only music and her. She feels it healing her- pulse by pulse, beat by beat.

I’m alone, but somehow, I’m beginning to feel as though I’m not.

She cannot deny that her heart thirsts for something more, something adventurous. She glances from where she sits, at the town where they all came from. Where they met, where they played. Where they laughed, where they cried. She smiles a bit at that. Once she had many dreams inside that little room of hers.

She dreamed of cats, flying lions, dancing animals and talking dinosaurs.

She imagined wolves coming to life, people bursting through her doors.

One day she stepped out of that little room of hers and into that dark outdoors.

One day she threw all her dreams away except one.

And that was enough.

Even if she falters, even if she falls, even if she breaks down, she has to believe that her wish will come true, or all that she has done so far, all that she has suffered, would all be for nothing. As long as she keeps loving that lonely dream of hers, maybe she’ll reach it.

(she closes her eyes)

After all, it’s one single dream.

(and remembers a shooting star. )

If she laid her only wish on that only star, would it reach them? She imagines the sun upon the cold town, the sun that had seemingly disappeared over the horizon just as how the planes did.

The sun that melted away everything and made everything else so insignificant.

(the sun rises overhead, like the yolk of a fresh egg but pulsating with warmth. time stops. the wind stops. she sees shadows retreating, vanishing. she remembers and  the skyline strikes a deep chord within her, resonating to the East and West)

She smiles a real, wide, genuine smile.

This is truly the town they all met in.

She remembers a shooting star.