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A heart grieves


I lost a special friend yesterday.

Her name is Xing Yun and I love her very very much.

My mum texted me yesterday that she fell and cracked her shell– so serious to the extent of bringing her to the vet all the way at Jalan Kayu.

I received the news at Music Ministry and I was praying so hard for her recovery. Later, my mum texted me again, saying that Xing Yun had to be put down.

It was the end of my CCA then, so only a senior was with me when I finally broke down and cried. My senior was really understanding…she gave me a shoulder to cry on (literally) and helped me pray for her. I was deeply grateful and touched by her actions.

I rushed over to the vet and I tried to say goodbye, but I saw how gravely injured it was, how she tried to scream but couldn’t.

We brought her home to pass on. I cried doing my homework, I cried when I saw her snowman, her mirror…I cried when I went to sleep.

Losing someone is so hard. Every single thing you see and do reminds you of them. I miss bathing her each night, I miss feeding her, I miss seeing her splay her body out to sun on the rock.

I missed her when I boarded the bus. I cried my way to school because I know, when I reached home, I would never be able to touch her again.

My senior told me that Xing Yun will always live in my heart. I hope she will because my heart feels empty without her.

Condolences never seem sincere enough.


I’m going to bury her now.


Ressha Sentai ToQger! (puns ahead~)


ToQger Henshin


Introducing the 38th Super Sentai, Ressha Sentai ToQger~

I got to admit at the start the costumes really disappointed me- it looked awkward and especially the rails in front the helmet.

But once the theme song came out, I couldn’t get the tune out of my head.

((I swear the lead singer is damn hyper: he kinda reminds me of me HAHA))

And then the episodes were full of comic relief and interesting plots. I’d actually recommend this series to everyone (but if you’re a newbie to Super Sentai, I’d suggest watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, because it’s the best, hands-down.)

I love the transformation rollcall!!! TOQ ICHIGO! TOQ NIGO! TOQ SANGO! TOQ YONGO! TOQ GOGO (lol)!

This round, I think Pink (Kagura)  has to be one of my favourite Sentai characters because she is so incredibly cute!! You have to watch Episode 1!!!!!!! 😀 You cannot forget the Train Conductor and his monkey (Ticket!)


YEPS this time the theme behind ToQger is IMAGINATION! they actually defeat their enemies with their imaginations.


They tend to be a little side-tracked from time to time, ESPECIALLY RIGHT. I think the only ones who aren’t derailed in the whole team are Mio and Hikari (Yellow and Green respectively) who actually have some rational thinking as compared to the others. ……….

Charging forwards, full steam ahead!

Right likes to let off a lot of steam~


Track down their enemies~


They need to stick to the schedule orz

They are in some rail trouble.

Free (c)hugs!

The coal never bothered me anyway 😉

All aboard!!

((((I hope you’re not feeling bored. I can’t be bothered to entertrain your further.)))))



A strum-
A heart singing out
Melody of the strings
Finger fluidity

Eyes closed–
The drum beats
Smacking in the air
Clapping in your ears
Burst of rhythm

Rhyming and repetition
Tattered brimming tunes
Pitching vocals