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too punny

too punny



This went down on Twitter earlier and it was all too funny for me to forget, so I compiled it before it all gets lost in the tweets I’m going to tweet in the future. And I tweet a lot.
Please prepare yourselves for the terrible puns ahead; you may either enjoy them or what to slap the people involved very hard.

So yeah, here you’ll have a lot of Pokemon related puns and maybe a bit of Frozen references. Enjoy! (Or suffer, whichever of the two you’d prefer)

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AN: Flash fiction! I entered it for a contest last year but I think I didn’t win anything so I’ll just put this here. 

The moon was orange that night. It was impossibly huge—a sun on a dark canvas. Rain gently tapped against the window as Sylvia gazed at the harvest moon. She tiptoed back to her bed and tucked herself in, closing her eyes. Sleep came swiftly. She had been alone in her room but when she awoke, she was amongst friends.

Many believed Singapore didn’t have its own brand of superheroes, but she knew better. It only took a single night to prove them wrong.  Sylvia nodded at the four familiar faces around her—Hafiz, Wei Shan, Zach and Arya—before splitting up. Hafiz headed west, Wei Shan was northbound, Zach went south and Arya proceeded eastwards. Only Sylvia remained; calm and composed.

The dreamscape took on a deserted appearance of Orchard Road, although with different shades of grey. However, this time, an illuminating orange moon hung above the buildings, adding a touch of colour.

Then they came, cloaked within the shadows. Snarling, they crawled inhumanely with claw-like appendages, stretching and grasping, pulling themselves across the road towards her. Sylvia felt her fear spiking down her spine and her fingers tingled with cold sparks.

Nightmares took on a variety of forms—monstrosities with gaping jaws, Sadako with her infamous long hair, zombies… People’s imaginations were terrifying and intimidating nowadays. Yet a mere girl of fifteen blocked their way. The Nightmares sniffed and snorted at each other.

“Tasty dreams….easy prey…” they hissed.

Mysteriously, she wasn’t afraid. Rather, she radiated a strong aura of fear that made the Nightmares go frenzy with hunger. Shrieks of excitement rose as they charged towards her.

Still, the girl stood her ground, her right arm outstretched with her palm facing to her right. A long pink scar visibly travelled from her elbow to her wrist.

“It’s time to play,” she whispered.

A blast of wind suddenly burst from beneath her feet, throwing the Nightmares back, yelping in surprise. The air around her palm rippled like water and almost magically, a large feline leapt out, roaring triumphantly—transforming into a black whirlwind of teeth and claws amidst the Nightmares.

Sylvia had developed ailurophobia ever since a cat raked her arm when she was three, but now, she wasn’t at least a bit scared. Out of the corner of her eye, Sylvia caught a quick glimpse of lightning from the east. The others had begun as well.

The ability to materialise their fear, to mould their powers from their weaknesses, made them more powerful than Superman and Batman. Just imagine: using one’s own flaw against an enemy! Every human had their own unique phobias; but were they that strong enough to control them?

Projecting Fears on reflective surfaces was usually necessary for materialisation, but harvest moons made direct physical manifestation possible. Sylvia’s panther gracefully tore through the Nightmares, leaving not a single survivor behind.

Dying screeches of raw agony echoed across the dreamscape. No longer was the night ruled by the terrors, as the orange moon blazed victoriously in the sky.

I See You


I see you;
That false facade
That hidden insincerity
That groan you try to conceal

I see you;
How you laugh about me behind my back
How you insult everything that I am
How you break my pride and soil my dignity

I see you;
Acting nice and prim and proper
Acting like you really care about the society
Acting as an adult, who winds the world around his finger

I see you; I hear you
I can see who you truly are
I can see that monster within

I see you;
Even though I’m blind