Monthly Archives: November 2013

of really weird dreams?!


Before I forget my dream, let me type it down.

So I dreamed that I was part of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger for a really strange reason. Not that I’m complaining because it was really cool!!


Poor Takeru broke his arm while fighting a bad guy D:  And I used a Squirtle for no apparent reason?? A lot of girls went crazy over Takeru in the hospital and it made Mako quite jealous…. Kotoha was non-existent though.

AND APPARENTLY I WAS CHIAKI?? Wow this is so weird. Okay I need to poof now.





What’s in a sentence?
A phrase or a word?
Or a single string of syllables?
Or an invisible sword
Ready to strike with frightening speed

What’s troubling you, I ask
And you shake your head
A ghostly “no” whispers back
Aren’t you hurting?
You try to hide
But betrayed by your eyes

Maybe it’s the way I spoke
Or the sentence that fell from my tongue
Notice the awkwardness that crashed upon us
My heart swiftly plunged

You and him;
The perfect couple tied by the red string of fate
Met by chance on the streets of life
I was happy for you, really
But I saw a strange distance grow
And there was suddenly a need
For the mammoth structure of a bridge

You and him;
Laughing and sharing, loving and giving
I saw girl and boy no more
but wife and husband.

And then I truly realised
The true person who was really hurting
Was the one now reflected in your eyes