Monthly Archives: October 2013



So weary after a fight
caved in
raw feels buried
echoing blurrily in the darkness
where one cannot help but try to find the way out
erasing the agony
despite the odds

Ups and downs are inevitable




Sometimes, don’t you just wonder?
I look up to the skies at night and I ponder:
Don’t you feel so humbled to see,
feel the cool autumn breeze nipping
at your skin as
all you think about are the stars?

I was bedazzled; I
was completely overwhelmed despite being
Alone on the cold hard ground

The four years of our life
Chaptered and in publication
Summarised with simple flickers
And signed with  salutations

I saw that in the stars that night
The night we went as one
We were like sparks in a firework
Together, but broke off to our separate ways
But we left trails of smoke, a history

Your silhouettes dimmed in the orange sighs
I thought you would leave me forever
but the stars told me otherwise
Because in the break of dawn their brilliance fades
but the closer I look, they are still there
Just like the stars in the sky you shone

A bolt of realisation
Shatters the despair of darkness
And illuminates so clearly, so vividly
The stars that you guys always were

Hearts of regret
starts to dissolve away
to bubble and burst
cry a song of happiness
out loud

where have the stars gone?
are the stars going to shine?
You’ll be there right?
I long to look at the stars again tonight
miss(ing) the sight of your radiance tonight
you remain in mine.





Sometimes it’s hard
I don’t know…sometimes I
feel that it’s kind of tedious and
lonely at times

I look at books and notes and random educational stuff on the net, but I
Don’t know why we must torture ourselves, I mean I
know we should just get it over and done with…but
why do we even bother? Anyhow,

I eat junk food (I know I shouldn’t) but it’s
just to stimulate the hungry brain cells because they
want to feel the spice and salt
some brain I have hah! it’s not like I need some
company food