Monthly Archives: August 2013

Changing Times


Do you remember:

The white daffodils blooming on the borders
Clustered together in peace and harmony
Life could not have been better
As their petals welcomed the summer breeze


Springing to life
Carpets of green rolled over the hills
Creating a pathway along the simple drive
A soft tender momentum of thrills



Then the scenery splashed with orange
As leaves shrivelled on their bony crackly arms
Falling to the ground with a crackly rustly cringe
Drained away from shifting wars




Bitter cold bit at the barren brown
Frost nips and teeths into their vulnerability
Branches held the snow up like a crown
Bowed to their fate for eternity


Of Lines and Crosses


Their laughter wrenches into my heart
Twisting, yanking with harsh glee
It mutates into a grotesque piece of art
Do they know how it’s hurting me?


I am a tower, brokenly glued
As I crumble away into particles and sand
It’s red, not blue, mind you.
Why can’t you try to understand


There are lines drawn across the sand
That tornadoes seem to sweep away
As it travels across the land
Roaming but never to stay

It’s like skipping rope, jumping left and right over the line
It seems like numbers and patterns were jumping out
Somehow I almost wanted to cry
And find the courage to speak aloud


Because she’s somepne special, someone to be treasured
You don’t know what I know
One day she will be burning brighter
On that day, you will be nothing but shadows.