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Of Muddles and Mystery


Ahh, will you listen?

To something that begins with an “A”
Is like a beginning of a novel
Something to be proud of
When its messages coded in mystery
What do you think it is?
As it is being written…
Let’s start by jumping in
As we enshroud ourselves in silence

You may ask: What is this?
The real question is: What do you think this is?
Does this begins with an “A”?
Is this really a poem?
Then comes the “but”
Confusing, isn’t it?
Maybe this is,
Maybe this is that
That suspenseful object of a novel
I let you muddle around a bit, as
We stumble into a dark well

Let’s stop here for a moment, shall we?
It looks like you cannot comprehend
Because the closer you see,
You will never see the end
Where the answers are so obviously written

It’s like how stories are written with the beginnings
Yet no one was able to see or understand
The true feelings behind the penning
But instead of the start, it is the end
So maybe, shall we begin again?

If you’ll take my hand,
And I yours,
Maybe together, we can see this land
In which the future, holds.


Of Changes


What’s happened
To the garden I once knew
Grown with different species of flowers
That pented up garden
Once held scents and flavours

What’s happened
To the life I once knew
So tightly I had it wound around my little finger
Coming apart like threads of a cat-mauled scarf
As I watch it fall to the ground
Like rain


What’s happened
To the heart I once had
So vibrant, so red, so fresh
So lifeless, so black, so dead
Nothing more than just an organ
That feels me with dread


What’s happened
To the things I once knew
Disappearance, apparitions of ghosts
Floating past my closed eyes
Sinking into the shadows
Never to awaken


What’s happened
To everything I once had
Turned to water, draining away between my fingers
Like sand, drifting, drifting
Like water, trickling, trickling
A big mistake, wasn’t it?


What’s happened
To me
Once I was me
Now what am I?
A breathing robot?
Or a hopeless human with false hope
Maybe it’s time to embrace the chameleon
Shifting away into the darkness
Hiding behind the light
Rippling of scales
The rainbow starts to dull
Is it you, who shall be enthralled?



I looked over the ocean on that cliff that day
was it ever so beautiful and everlasting as that day?
depressed between the waters and the cliffs, rocks stood high
for it seemed like a castle across the waves
a tidal memory rushed over me
while I lingered on the memory we held that day

I was broken, deep down
lost everything I used to hold dear
everything and anything precious to my heart
it was terrifying and devastating
seemed to be karma acting upon my head

But as I went over the details again and as
I fuddled over my losses, I
realised that they were still with me
they still existed and
are actually
never truly or really

Sea calls my name again and again
a deep echoing melody singing to my heart
I know that love still exists
love is always around
you just have to listen to your heart

Of Remembering the Past and Present


Let’s talk about something everyone seems to know
stop holding onto romantic fictions for a while
pretending we are that world and
we are the people in the books
know that anything is possible in the world of words
everything will change

What’s that you hear at the edge of town?
love speaking from all four corners, whispering, caressing
when you actually pause in the middle of the street
you are held transfixed
don’t breathe first
meet the one you were supposed to be with
the one who will accompany you
one whole life
you seem to blush
are you being shy?
supposed you are now the lead
to take control of your life
Love is now in your sights.

It’s hard to believe at first, even
painful; as you struggle to breathe
to finally muster the courage
lose your girly shyness
the guy you love is right there in front of you!
one word can change everything
you have to speak up!
love can be so hard to express
when you are face-to-face
he’s just there!
Just utter some nonsense…
there will never be a chance if there’s no action
Ahead, you face
Of a moment of indecisiveness
you spoke

We now look into the future
were you as frightened and regretful as before?
something was meant to be
now you have a happy family
we were right, weren’t we?
Are you as doubtful as before? If you hadn’t spoke up, everything would’ve been

Childhood memories are the best, aren’t they?
kids, you and he had been…
I’m so happy for you
thought you looked like a great couple
we were right!
had you hesitated
something would’ve gone wrong
but look!
I completely support this pairing
was life this romantic? I was never




The Music


I can hear the tempo of your heart, thrumming
Singing, thumping to the rhythm of life
Somehow I can sense your very presence as you walk beside me
Isn’t this so beautiful, this moment of magnificence?

I’ve been singing to the passion within my soul
The notes have been finding itself within me
Every tune, every beat is living inside me
Can’t you feel it?

We’re the rhythm and the tunes!
Harmonising through the clouds and sky~!

The music lives right within us
The music is the very air we breathe in
We can do anything we want to do if we just believe in it!
Music connects our hearts
Matching every note and lyrics form
This is where we conquer with the volume rising deep within!

There’s something in everyone
That pulses deep inside

The Kingdom of Soluna


For a strange period of time
once there was a kingdom
I wrote about, existing between the Sun and Moon
found(ed) in Light, feared by Dark, but
something and everything had their beginning and end
I knew;  Hitler and Stalin thrown off their high horses, because they
love control, and blinded by control

I read the desperation behind their struggle, they
held on, clawed with long bony fingers of decay
on and on, till they perished
for they thrived on power; but it’s only


Even as the kingdom dissolved into chaos and despair
though it seemed that it was beyond repair
are hopeful, fighting hard to restore what is

I often think:
will the flame burn on, regardless?


this thought within my soul
love, peace and prosperity will be regained

Because when there is despair, there is hope.
I know the kingdom will rise again.
believe is never self-deceit.
in the flames of regeneration, the phoenix reborns from ashes; the bird’s wings are blazing; reborn from the
sea of flames will ride the sky once again, because it is
a sign of hope, joy and pride