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It is a word
A thought or a feeling
Freezing within, falling

Without warmth
No hugs
No skin touching

A given name
A description
Of Lake Yen

A beautiful crystallised serenity
Sunlight glistening
Unable to fathom the hidden depths
Of so much cold

No fish dwell
No bacteria
Just so much ice
And cold

One step; still warm
Another; unknowing frostbite
By three; it is too clear
Drowned in sight



I wonder


I wonder–
If you can decode this poem
That is within a bigger poem
That seems to hide yet in sight?

A story of a girl to another called Elena;
I once saw you looking to the clouds as if
missing something in the sky that
You could not reach
someway or another
Much to my confusion,
I used to often
think and ponder and wonder
of what you could be seeing in that blue wondrous space of yours
You seemed to be so engrossed,
everyday you never failed to stare up

Once, I managed to gather my courage
I strode right up to you
made my mouth speak and ask
a question that had been sizzling forever

Mistakes are inevitable, you told me
Creating, making, shifting
rifts can be torn open
between separate worlds
broken, they collide and raining harm
People; brother, sister, children, families  were
Divided, loneliness conquered all
And that’s how stars were formed
never to be able to touch another again,
to be apart
be distanced away
healed are the shooting stars, ablaze with passion and determination.

You told me the meaning of your name
Were you trying to tell me something that night?
My senses tingled so when you told me
Elena meant light.



A conversation between a child and his mother:

What if the sky appears different to each of us?
What if the blue is just an illusion;
A truth that seeks to blind us all
To retain the answer to the question?

There are things we do not yet understand
There is proof, yet none
All we can do is to only pretend;
Deception is our only comfort

What if this Earth is a lie?
What if we live in a galaxy that does not exist;
Mere pawns in someone’s hands
“God”: the puppeteer we cannot see?

Earth is our dear home
If we question our existence, the fact remains;
Not God but Destiny and Fate; we can try to change
But it is written in the stars; it is lain

What if everything is a lie?
What if we are merely projections
Of someone else’s mind
Is our life just an illusion?

Our hearts beat, you are my son;
We both feel, hear and think
We speak; can this be truly an illusion?
Don’t think too much, my child

What if I am not your son
What if I was swapped after birth
And in reality, your son is with another
And you missed out on his life?

Irrational and illogical, child
You are my son no doubt,
You and I; our lives are intertwined
Whatever it is, you are still my son

Are you sure, dear mother
Or are you lying to yourself?
Look at us; look at me
Denial is never the truth

What is truth?
The deception to comfort all
There is no right or wrong
What is this denial?

Deny the truth
Defy the puppeteer!
Turn around; your back to him
Reject his manipulation; be free!

There had never be more than three
There had only been two
Ever since the apocalypse
There has only been us

Yet the sky remains blue
The Earth retains its green
But the illusion is  our doom
Our home is no more

Projections of the mind protect us
But how long does it last?
Will we stay here till we crumble to dust?
How do we survive?

Birth was our sole existence
We have no purpose
Breeding by the thousands
Our era has come to a close

We understand
We cannot change
Loneliness is a friend of regret
By the time we realise
It is too late




A paper saunters in the wind
It soars with the clouds
Without wings, yet it is flying
Is it too ordinary?

A paper is a paper
It is blank; it is white
No different from the others
Specialty is no easy feat

There are times where it flies by
Some that are coloured and shaped
The paper wonders why
It is just so plain

The paper wants to stand out
Just to be special in some way
Be somebody it is not
Not empty all day

Tries to paint
Tries to soar
Tries to be a saint
Tries to…somehow

Is it being ego?
Is it being too demanding?
But is it being so?
Or is that everyone wants to be?

Is the question an answer?
Or is the answer a question instead?
Or is hidden a power
That no one can understand?

Pondering, the paper stops
It watches as the others continue to climb
Doubting the reality of hope
And stays there for life



And it’s Sunday woohoo!

These 10 weeks have just flashed past and boom! it’s 7 months to O Levels. Honestly, I don’t even feel prepared or anything. How are you even supposed to feel gosh? Well, I’m gonna try compose some Bio/Chem songs to help me remember facts and everything. I’ll make use of the March holidays to tweak them here and there.

*terrapin scrambles to climb out of the cradle and fails terribly*

It had been a turbulent period. I feel…different somehow, after emerging from that motivational workshop, which I honestly thought was gonna be some old man preaching about how your studies maps out your future. But it turned out to be an amazing 3 days with my awesome friends. It actually made studying seem easy and I really like the study buddy part. 😀

So let’s see.

I’m a right-brainer (55%), CSI (the score was equal OTL), and…. an audio-visual-kinesthetic learner? HAHA I’M SO DIVERGENT.

I guess everything became a breeze after the CTs. I really felt less burdened after the last paper compared to the other times I sat for exams. I think it’s because I’m truly confident this time, but I shouldn’t say too early yet.

Anyway, I was rewatching my childhood shows (Gransazers, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider and Winx Club), and I realised different meanings behind each of them. I don’t even know why I even bother, but I guess I needed something to keep me stable.

First, let me explain Super Sentai, because everyone thinks that Super Sentai is Power Rangers but Japan’s. Firstly, Super Sentai is the original. Power Rangers is just the American adaptation of it. Even most of the fighting clips in the American series is from the Japanese counterpart. For example, Power Rangers Megaforce (2013) is actually Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Saban actually owned the Power Rangers franchise at first, until Disney bought it over. I didn’t like Saban because their plots followed the original too closely. Disney, on the other hand, made a new plot from it and I was very interested about the two different plot versions. But after Saban bought it back I stopped following because it just sucks.

Anyway, Super Sentai is all about perseverance. In Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Alata, GoseiRed, actually says this several times:  As long as you don’t give up, things will surely work out. His optimism really inspired me and I guess I became a bit more optimistic after watching the entire season.

Currently, I’m on Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, which is the third season in the Super Sentai series to have a dinosaur motif. The show is totally fresh and different, incorporating dance and samba into their transformations. This is the first season which got me hooked on EVERY CHARACTER in the first episode.

Suddenly I have so many favourites and I’m like ASDFGHJKL. Too much spazzdom. 😀

The title basically means Electric Beast Task Force Dinosaur-ger! They literally run on batteries. YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT OMG. The dinosaurs are so funny and cute I can’t stop laughing and move to the samba beat.

Daigo/KyoryuRed IS JUST. SO. CUTE. Omaigaa. His hair just flips like some cutie and Imma likeASDFGHJK.

Ian/KyoryuBlack is such a casanova omg. In every episode he has his arms around a girl. IAN, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF OMG. He tried hitting on KyoryuPink in episode 4 omg.

Nobuharu/KyoryuBlue is an old man. Like not very old, but 32 years old. He has a niece omg. AND HE IS SO PUNNY. I CANT STAND THE PUNS OMG. 😛
e.g.” So, gee, we have to look for Sou-ji.”
*when fighting a cape-wearing demon* “Watch out! He’s going to es-cape!”

Souji/KyoryuGreen– the coolest, hottest looking Green I have ever seen in my whole life. I can’t describe him. Help. TOO HAWT ALERT! He’s so zakuzaku katana-ish omg!

Last but not least because she is the best Pink kid out there, is Amy/KyoryuPink. She’s so cute and small and feisty and vibratish. She goes “Sasuga, Souji!” and then shivers like some spazzing girl. Pink/Green FOREVER. Her pose is also super sassy.

Tsuno no Yuusha! (The Horned Heroine) KyoryuPink! *poses KyoryuPink style*

I really like how they encourage one another and finally emerge as one complete team. It’s become my new laughing medicine yeah. 😀

Utae MUCHO! (hey!) Isshou ni SAMBA! (hey!)


They are up to 5 episodes now~ Can’t wait for 6! (Secretly having dibs on KyoryuRed)



Insoluble salts!
Insoluble salts!
Hydroxides and oxides~
Insoluble salts!
Except Group I and SPAN

so-sodium, po-potassium, ah-ammonium, ni-ni-nitrates
so-sodium, po-potassium, ah-ammonium, ni-ni-nitrates

All chlorides, iodides and bromides
Are the totally soluble ones!
Except the duo called silver lead
They are the ones that are in-soluble

Everybody now, let’s do the
Insoluble dance!
Let’s move to the left, and then to the right
Then we do the soluble dance!
Oh yeah!

The soluble salts are
The sul-fates!
The insoluble salts are
Calcium barium  lead
That’s just the way they are!

Insoluble salt is precipitation
Insoluble base is filtration!
Everything soluble is TITRATION!





Qualitative Analysis Y U SO STRANGE (Cations)


Once upon time
Before I was even born
Scientists found a way
To identify the salts

They found them
They found them
They found them em em!

Let’s start with cations
Who are CaCuFeFe
In sodium hydroxide they all become this way:
Whitish light bluish green and red-dishish-brown

And they all become precipitates, insoluble
in excess NaOH

Qualitative analysis why so strange
Strange just puts me down
Flew me to places I’ve never been
Till this song’s composed oh oh
Qualitative analysis why so strange
Strange just puts me down
Flew me to places I’ve never been
Now I OTL on the cold hard ground

PbAl Zang!
Always best friend
White as Sea*A (Ca) yeah
But they are colourless when
dissolving! dissolving! Dissolvinginginging!

Before we move on,
Ammonium is  NH4
No precipitate
And it’s all it’ll ever be
But now I see
If you put heat
It evolves NH3~

Now we move on
To aqueous ammonia
And then I realise
It’s NH3! YEAH

Qualitative analysis why so strange
Strange just puts me down
Flew me to places I’ve never been
Till this song’s composed oh oh
Qualitative analysis why so strange
Strange just puts me down
Flew me to places I’ve never been
Now I OTL on the cold hard ground
WHOA OH OH ammonia ammonia ammonia x2

Calcium has no precipitate
The rest retain their colour
Excess opp except CuBlue FeFe and Zinc!

Qualitative analysis why so strange
Strange just puts me down
Flew me to places I’ve never been
Till this song’s composed oh oh
Qualitative analysis why so strange
Strange just puts me down
Flew me to places I’ve never been
Now I OTL on the cold hard ground