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2012 to 2013


Before I knew it, I woke up on the first morning of 2013. It didn’t feel any different; it just felt like a brand new day in 2012.

2012 was a year full of contemplation and personal self-thinking. What did I want to be? What school did I want to go to? But yet, it was a year of hidden treasures and a year of accomplishment.

2012 held a really special meaning to me. Around a year and a half ago, I took up the duty of becoming a fanbase owner and it was a huge eye-opener. It showed me how encouragement can push people beyond their limits; to give them the strength to carry on and face the day with glowing resolution. 

2012 was the year where I received much recognition. I met Sea*A in person several times and they expressed their gratitude for my support. Did they know I was, in turn, grateful for their recognition and motivation? They turned my life into an amusement park; they showed me that nothing was impossible. 

2012 was the year where fans thanked me as well. I met so many friends online who shared the Sea*A Dream with me. Just last month, a guy gave me a scrapbook that thanked me for my efforts on Sea*A Daisuki. I was really touched and surprised: I never knew the website had such an effect on people. 

Now, I’m in 2013, a new year full of uncertainties, and possibly, many setbacks and difficulties. But by my new motto, I will face them head on and I will never ever back down. Maybe I will shed tears. Maybe I will flip tables. Maybe I will throw my books around.

But never will I give up. Kia Kaha. I will stand strong. 

So if I ever feel down, I will read this post again. I will motivate myself, and I will aim high. I know the homework are for my own good, even though they are out to kill me. They can try, but they never will. 

“Walls are there to be destroyed.”

Obstacles are there to be conquered. Thorns are there to be swept aside. Only from pain shall we learn.

It’s so easy to write this down. Yet it’s hard to do it. 

I believe in my motto. So I believe in myself. 

Kia Kaha. 

[Thanks, Nadine (‘:]


“Always believe your possibilities, don’t ever give up. Vision yourself to your win, way to victory.” 

-Sea*A, Way To Victory