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21 December 2012


Author’s Note: Some thoughts after reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

SPOILER ALERT. Okay maybe not.

This post might not make sense.

The date up there is probably really familiar. It’s the date the Mayans predicted when the apocalypse would come.

Majority think that the word ‘apocalypse’ means destruction, or the end of the world. But after reading The Lost Symbol, I realised it might not be.

It’s like playing with words. San Greal means the Holy Grail. But Sang Real means Royal Blood.

Apocalypse originates from Greece, meaning the unveiling, or the revelation.

It could mean something major that’s going to change for good. Or maybe, reveal to the human race the truth. But the truth about what?

For a long time now, we’ve been using Science to explain everything around us. But there are things even Science cannot understand. Maybe this Truth will tell us things beyond Science.

But if it’s really going to be the end of the world, then I am not afraid. I’m prepared. After all, everything must come to an end. Mankind’s reign on Earth must come to an end. Dinosaurs and mammals lost their reign as well, and they became a piece of history.

Maybe it’s our time to become history and pave the way for another race.

It’s 12.12.12 today.

9 more days.

If it’s truly the end of the world…then I’d like to thank every single person I’ve met for giving me memories, whether good or bad. They made me who I am today… I can’t personally thank each and every one of you, but by writing this, I hope they will get enlightened by this…somehow.

I’m grateful for existing, although life’s been pretty harsh, but it’s full of beautiful treasures as well. (‘:

MOODOO: OHMAIGAA LET’S WALL IN HEAVEN. On the bright side, there won’t be any long distance relationship anymore! We can all be together in the same sky~ STARCLAN FOREVER~

SEA*A! I WILL BE YOUR FAN FOREVER~ Beryl, Valerie, Wynnie and Estelle~~~~~~~~~~ CAN WE FLOAT TOGETHER OR SOMETHING HAHAHAHAHAH kidding. Stay otaku forever~

Well, if the world’s not ending on 21.12.2012….

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Oh man. Wrote it all for nothing. :/ Well, you can’t be too careful now and then.