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Someone Before…


I was thoroughly inspired by Rise Of The Guardians and this idea popped up while reading several Jack Frost fanfictions.

Sadly, this idea is not really Jack Frost-centric, but rather, Jack Frost-inspired. So….I’ll be posting the idea on my fanfiction account…Let’s see how people take it.

So basically, MINOR SPOILER ALERT.  But yeah, the story idea isn’t really related to the movie…just a bit…WHY AM I CONTRADICTING MYSELF.

So in the movie, Tooth Fairy/Toothiana tells Jack Frost that the Guardians were all someone before. They had a past life before they were chosen by Man In Moon. So… yeah.


Tooth Fairy/Toothiana:

– Guardian of Memories

Ingrid- nature lover and blessed with happiness; brutally murdered

Santa Claus/North

– Guardian of Wonder

Maximoff- Blind, loved to spread joy to children; wrongfully arrested for pedophilia and executed

Easter Bunny/Bunny

– Guardian of Hope

Cody- Aussie farmer; died in a fire that burned his farm down


– Guardian of Dreams

Samuel-  Philanthropist, King; killed in battle


I’ll tell you why (sarcasm alert)


Author’s Note: Crying while bathing is seriously stupid, because your tears just mix with the water HAHA. Thanks go to my mother for the inspiration. It’s short, so don’t expect much.

I guess hard work is never appreciated until you get distinction.

Parents don’t see the effort put in. Parents don’t see you work.

They only see the aftermath.

They see me failing subjects. They see hair dropping.

It’s ridiculous.

Okay, so fine. Don’t buy me VIP seat for AFA with the ‘crappy’ results I brought you. I’d settle with Standard: no one’s complaining.

But seriously? You question why  I deserve it?

Hello? I worked hard on my A Math to pass it. A C5 hello? And here you are saying that my overall failed? What are we comparing now huh?

My attitude in class improved, my position improved, my work improved, what the hell do you want from me? All A1s, is that it? So you desire a kid who could give you A1 every single day of her life? Be my guest.

You know, seriously, I can’t understand if you are trying to encourage or discourage me. I was so close to getting a B4 to my Amath and I was like: Yes! I can do it next year! Bring it on! And then here you are: No, not good enough.

Ohmygosh I can picture you telling my whole family I dishonoured it or something.

Oh, and why I want to see Sea*A? Because they don’t see me as a failure. They don’t treat me the way you do. They take my troubles away while you add it on. So that’s all.

Well, I’m not going to bother about you anymore. I’ll just cry it off and go back to my NaNoWriMo cos thinking about those stuff isn’t worth it. So goodbye muah faaaaahahahahhahahahah


Oh whee its november hohohoho!! AFA12 here I come! Choo Choo!!!!!!!!!