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Colours of the Heart


Author’s Note: Some weird one-shot.

Colours of the Heart (performed by Uverworld)

I am a painter.

Every human is a painter- the young and the old, the strong and the weak, and the optimist and the pessimist. Different people paint different colours. Their auras, you say. You’re not wrong.

Aura represents the person. Aura is the person. It’s kind of like your soul, only dyed in varied colours, depending on your nature, character and personality. Like I say, it varies from person to person.

We hear about aura when we are younger, when fantasies were part of our world. We grow fascinated, desperation mixed with curiosity as we try to figure out our own auras. The problem about auras is this- they are naked to the human eye. Some say only psychics are gifted with the ability to do so. Some say there are special people with natural gifted insight.

But I say, that if you look hard enough, you just might see it.

As I mentioned, I am a painter. My works are quite well-known in the area for its vibrancy and energy, although I have to admit it was not so.

Sometimes, to reach glory, you must reach your breaking point first.

That day, I remembered my heart collapsing without making a sound. It just seemed to fall endlessly in some bottomless pit. Even if I scream as I break, these unerasable memories and this darkness will flow into my eyes. It’s a constant torture as I still can’t see these colors. It’s because of  you that I will feel depressed tomorrow.

I still remember that hard look on your face, that very look I always hated. Your eyes were blue with cold and your jaw was set firmly. Your words were sharp, a direct force sent whistling into my chest.

“It’s over. I’m sorry.”

The most ironic thing? You didn’t seem sorry. You looked angry that I could not spend time with you. You were frustrated with the fact I was working with other guys. I warned you many times over and over again. It looks like your jealously has gotten the better of you. And here I was, thinking foolishly that you were reasonable and strong-willed.

You left me so abruptly and I was left speechlessly stunned. You left me, hanging. And the question I kept pondering repeatedly was the simple but deep word. Why?

I remember chasing after you. Calling after you, like some lost puppy. I had searched endlessly and frantically, trying to patch up our relationship whatever way I could. I tried to find a day, where we could finally understand and make up, where we could love each other again.

But it was too painful as I watched myself get pushed away by you. Your strong arms that used to be the castle that protected me from the rain, now became the fortress. The wall I could never get past.

And the only thing I could do back then, was to bear the pain, hold on and move on. I kept living so I could lose those painful memories. But yet, it was impossible for me to continue living alone, even as I willingly embrace the solitude. Yet I was always hoping, grasping that delicate thread of hope, that you would turn around, and become the lighthouse I needed.

If you had switched on the lights, I would shine towards it. No matter the hurt you caused, I would always go back to you, forgiving and full of undivided love. 

You told the person persistently holding on to those feelings of love for you: “These feelings we keep wishing for will one day change color.” So that was it, wasn’t it? We used to talk about happy colours, colours that brightened up moods with their vibrant optimism. And yet, you were able to turn it into a double-edged sword.

It wasn’t fair. Colours were my gift. They were my friends. And you turned them against me too.

One more time…just one more time…

I locked myself in my workplace. Losing things wasn’t new, but losing someone precious, someone I had faithfully followed and loved, was totally fresh and new. You slipped through my  fingers like sand.  Before my tears finally dried, I wondered if the words I desperately wanted to hear would save me. After all, a rip in my heart was hard to paint over.

It was ultimately, all up to you. My fate was now in your hands. You were going to make a choice: to leave me or save me.

I closed my eyes. Hoping fervently. You never did came, though.


“If this light becomes bright, the darkness will become deep too.”

I had slowly begun to awaken with realisation. Just about everything was in the bottom of my heart- locked in a tiny chest and squished into the deepest part of my mind; away from sight and mind.

All I had seen was darkness. Absolute darkness. But it was not cold- or rather, it was comforting. A blanket of absolute darkness enveloped me. My life was nothing but black.

My brush sweeps across the canvas….inked strokes of darkness….

Maybe, if I opened my eyes, I might be able to once again see these colors that were born. The colours that I used to love. The colours we used to share.

The colours that symbolised the passion we used to have.

The breath of sadness; that is what makes these colors we’ve searched for run without raising a sound. A gentle breath, across the canvas, swishing a melancholy tune.

One more time…once more…

Yin and Yang.

Fire and Water.

I never truly realised what I was drawing.

I always did assume I was just drawing.

Colours in light and darkness….

And take it in…

A dip of a paintbrush…

The strokes on the paper…

The intake of a delicate breath…

Colours in light and darkness….

Red and brown.

Blue and green.

Yellow and orange.

Pink and red.

Now, with these hands….

I feel it once more.

The fingertips of light raining once more…

Upon my head the shower of renewed energy….

The memories flow by.
Sitting under the swaying cherry blossoms; petals that bloomed with charm flitted above us.
The autumn wind brings the crisp of maple; the rustle of leaves leaving their branches.
Wet, cold and frozen crystals pelt gently, snowflakes cascading ever so gracefully, dancing around us.
Bright and warm, rays of the heavens shine upon us; the summer heat bathing us in its warmth.

I will once again paint all of these unreachable, kind colors.





Author’s Note: It’s supposed to be a song, but you can read it as a poem. Just trying out.

There are many depressing things in life
Powerless to stop it
We can do nothing but lie
That we are strong kids

I never knew it could happen to me
I thought you were different
The reasoned voice that soared above the free
I guess I wasn’t that all observant

You lift the veil from my eyes
I see the hopelessness
The frustration hiding inside
Those brutal crosses

Don’t turn away from us
Don’t chain all your secrets in your heart
Don’t tear the painful truth
And rip it all apart

I’m sorry for being a failure of a friend
I’m sorry I couldn’t help you
I’m sorry I couldn’t lend a hand
I’m sorry I didn’t notice too
But please:

Don’t turn away from us
Don’t chain all your secrets in your heart
Don’t tear the painful truth
And rip it all apart

I just wanted you to know
That I won’t judge you, no
Because you are my friend
You are our friend
And we love you so

Even as you turn away from us
And chain all your secrets in your heart
We’ll share the painful truth
And we’ll rip it all apart

And tears shall flow…


You’re the One!




If you can guess where the characters are from….well….HAHAHA GOOD LUCK.

You’re the One! (haha do you really wanna know where this song comes from?)

It was another bright morning when she awoke. She yawned and stretched like a cat, before giving her clock a quick glance. And then she sprang to her feet. It was oh-my-gosh seven in the morning. Seven. The horror of the slanted number set her to extreme panic mode. She was late. Oh gosh, she was late.

The sun was shining, and if she were not in such a fluster, the day would have been great. Everything sped past her in a blur as she rushed down the familiar streets and towards her school. Her friends were already at the school gate, waiting for her albeit impatiently.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly. “Alarm didn’t ring.”

Her five friends- Taranee, Cornelia, Irma, Hay Lin and Elyon- just stifled a knowing laugh as they walked in. “Will, Will,” Cornelia shook her head in good humour. “What am I supposed to say? Or do? Make you a plant that can teleport you to school on time?”

“Very funny,” Will sulked as they entered the school compound. Pulling onto her bag straps, Will sighed. Another adventure; it’s gonna be a tough day at school.

After all, kicking off the school term with a solid three periods of arithmetic was Hell on Earth. Will scribbled hastily on her notepads, digits and letters scrawled in her messy handwriting. There was so much to learn and she had to give her best. Her finals were coming up and there was simply no time for fooling around. It might seem rather harsh, but wasn’t that the life of every schooling kid in the world?

At the peak of the second period, the teacher droned on about the origins and formulas of Ruffini’s Theorem. Like there wasn’t enough complicated equations in the world already. Will felt like she was suffocating in all the numbers and algebra. Arithmetic was her weakest subject in school. She could stay up all night, but equations just slip out of her brain the minute she picks up the pen during the examination.

Honestly, she was not coping very well. There were too many secrets to keep. Too much burden to bear. She was exhausted. Mentally, emotionally and physically. There was her mum getting married to her English teacher. There was her swimming competition in three weeks. And then there was the saving-the-world thing.

Sometimes she felt like flailing about and asking the heavens what they wanted from a kid like her. She wanted to scream to them: why did they choose the responsibility of shouldering the weight of the entire world to be dumped on her? She was the victim of divorce, a really timid kid and she felt like she wasn’t fulfilling her life at all.

Maybe she could have been born with better brains. Or maybe born into a family- a normal, complete family. And maybe, she didn’t want her Heart. All she had done so far was fight, fight and fight. It was tiring. (Had she mentioned that before?)

She needed to sleep so badly. She could collapse on her table, lay her head on its flat comforting surface and dream. Dream of happiness.

“Will Vandom!” The red-haired girl suddenly shot up in response.

“I-I’m sorry, ma’am!” she blurted out, stuttering all over. “I didn’t listen to your question because I-I was asleep!”

The whole awkwardness of the situation turned her face red. And the look on her teacher’s face did not help either.

“I’m a failure,” she moaned later that day as she sank into the patch of grass under the tree. “I’m failing my numbers, got scolded by the teacher and I got a C for my History!”

Will gave out an exasperated sigh as she curled on her side. It was break time and all six of them were gathered underneath the huge tree they named Moodoo. “I’m useless,” she muttered, closing her eyes. Would she be able to endure until graduation? Or would she be able to graduate? Thoughts blew through her as she imagined the consequences. Jobless, poverty…she couldn’t stand it!

A warm comforting hand touched her shoulder. “Will,” she heard the gentle voice of Taranee speak. “You’re not useless. And neither are you a failure. You are a great person and you do lots of incredible things. You are the best leader I ever known and I am proud to be your friend.”

“Can’t you see it?” Hay Lin’s cheery voice piped in. “You are strong; you deserve all the gifts you have, I mean, look at you. You fought demons and monsters and-”

“It’s ‘we’, Hay Lin,” Will said quietly. “Not me. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to do it. It was teamwork: nothing more, nothing less.”

“But we were victorious because of you, Will!” Irma said. “You led us into battle; you made the decisions, even though it was hard. And don’t forget, you gave us our power.”

“Yeah,” Will replied bitterly. “But someone can take over the Heart from me. I don’t have to be your leader! I can be plain old Will Vandom, the one who never stands out, the ghost!” She blinked the tears away, not wanting to look at her friends. She was ashamed. So terribly ashamed. But why?

She felt Taranee’s warm hand withdraw. Had they given up on her like how she had given up on herself?

But then a cold hand grabbed her arm. Cornelia. “Will, just stop this. You are our leader, whether you like it or not. Nothing will change the fact. Nothing.”

Elyon’s melodic voice rang through. “Remember who you are, Will. Remember who we are. We are your best friends, irreplaceable  And you are our friend. You are our star, Will. You are our Star.”

You are our Star.

Our leader.


Lying down on her bed, she stared at her ceiling. Did she really deserve those songs of praises? She sighed as she turned on her front, hugging a little froggie plushie to her chest. Her cell vibrated next to her and she picked it up.

You have (1) new message.

She fixed a confused gaze on her phone. Who could have sent her a text at night? She opened it.

Hey, Will! U free tmr? We’re going downtown tmr, wanna join us? Reply ASAP. 

She chuckled softly to herself. Irma, she knew. She thumbed a quick “Yeah” and hit send. After all, it was a holiday tomorrow. A good second start for the week.

Yeah, she told herself. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

We have a day out! I wonder what we’re going to do! I’m so excited! Shall we go shopping all day long? I’ll see my parents; it’s rather hard to be away from home, but it’s all worth it, because I love to share this holiday with my friends.

Yes, she did. She loved every moment. She loved the memories they created. She loved the laughter they shared. It had helped heal her, to find back the pieces she lost. It was hard to imagine: she was all angst-y and emotional yesterday, but today, she felt hyped and ready to go.

It was funny: every time they heard Cornelia squeal with delight, they would all sigh knowingly. Cornelia, the fashion diva, immediately rushed into the store and they had to follow suit. There were sequin dresses, fanciful hats and beaded tops racked on nearly every shelf.

Will’s eyes gleamed at the generous display. Her fingers traced every delicate stitch and bead, as though she could somehow feel its origins and the designer’s emotions etched into every string.

And all of a sudden, she stopped. What she saw now was a girl with short red hair and huge brown eyes staring back at her. Dressed in a simple top and pants, she looked plain and ordinary. Will realised why the girl looked so familiar.

The girl was her.

The mirror reflected her image as she could not help but be drawn in. It was almost as if she was being hypnotised.

You’re the one who can do incredible things you do. 

Yes, she was kind of incredible. She recalled helping her mother fix up her computer when it refused to work properly. ‘Magic fingers’, her mother had said.

You’re the best and you deserve the gifts you have.

She didn’t know if she was the best. But the Heart always stayed with the person who believed in the true power of love, friendship and harmony. So maybe she was?

You are strong.

Strong in a team, not individually. But the strength to work as a team? She had that.

You fight against the demons everyday.

She fought monsters, villains and her destiny. She battled her fears and conquered them. She vanquished her nightmares because she believed in her friends.

You’re a star.

No, not an idol- she couldn’t sing. But maybe, she was a star in her friends, even though she didn’t feel like one. Yes, she was their Star.

Remember where you come from and who you are.

Will Vandom. Fadden Hills to Heatherfield. The Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, a powerful amulet that holds the five elements.

But she called that powerful amulet that united her friends together another name.

To her, it was Friendship.

Will didn’t have to be a genius. She didn’t have to be perfect. She didn’t need get good grades to prove that she was special.

Why bother to be extraordinary when you can always be yourself?

Being yourself is all it takes. Being yourself is the answer to your problems. You don’t need to be extraordinary just to fit in.

Because in your friends’ heart, you are already extraordinary to them.

Happy Birthday to Lenny! She may be in Australia, but she is always existing in our hearts.

“Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.”

“So many wishes
So many smiles
Too many memories
Too few words
With one big Birthday
Happy Birthday!”
“It’s your birthday and I can’t be there
But I’ll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer
Have a happy birthday
I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true
May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do.”
“Birthdays are filled with yesterday’s memories, today’s joys, and tomorrow’s dreams.”
“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.”  – Jean Paul Richter

Catch Us If You Can


Author’s Note: Hahaha, I incorporated Sea*A into this….UH DON’T FLAME ME FOR DOING SO. IT’S JUST A SONGFIC KAY? (:

And a little unfortunate news: I didn’t get in for Sea*A auditions. Yeah, I was really depressed, and I still am. But I guess the fact I won their 3rd single (FIRST JAPANESE DISC EVER OMG) comforted me a lot. Well yeah, I still love Sea*A anyway, and I support all the new members! Hope there are more than one! (:

So yeah, this is dedicated to Sea*A (‘:

Catch Us if You Can (based on a Winx Club song of the same name)

They had never done this before. In their entire sixteen years of life, they had never ever done such a thing. It was going against their parents’ wishes and it will cause a lot of disappointment in their family. In typical Asian families, it was good as bringing dishonour to the name.

But seriously. They needed this break. They could not stand to look at another textbook or a single worksheet again.

It was suggested by Wynnie, the prankster of the group. They had been conducting a group studying session down at Estelle’s house since it was the most central. It was less than three months to the ‘O’ levels. Less than three months to brush up on concepts and practice.

“I say,” Wynnie began, rocking on her knees with a textbook in her hands. “We should skip school tomorrow!”

“Are you crazy?” Beryl immediately responded in disbelief. Her long brown hair curled at the end, bouncing off her shoulder as she turned to face Wynnie. “Our ‘O’ levels are just a few weeks away! We can’t afford to play around, you know!”

Estelle and Valerie shared a knowing look. Beryl, the school nerd, was forever dedicating her life to books, books and books. She followed the school rules very carefully, to the extent of tucking out her blouse to the specific millimeters.

But definitely, what Wynnie had proposed was ridiculous. Was she not serious enough about the upcoming major examinations? Whatever results they achieved could have a massive impact on their future, and they were not taking any chances. No day off. No slacking or procrastination at all. It was paper after paper every single hour of every single day.

Their resolution to get by the hard months was to study hard all the way. On the last day of the O Levels, that seemed further than the first paper, they would tear up their homework and go wherever they wanted. They could play Dragon Nest all the way into the morning of the next day without a slightest care. It was to make up the time they sacrificed to the stacks of papers.

Wynnie was now standing up. She stared at each of their faces, with somewhat determination.

“Look,” she began softly. “I know we must study hard this few weeks. I know we must do flying-with-colours well in the ‘O’ Levels. But, we are not machines. We can’t keep this up if we don’t get a break here and there. And I feel, with all the hard work we are doing, we deserve just one day off.”

“But,” Valerie hesitated. “One day of studying makes all the difference, Wynnie. Just one day can decide whether you get an A1 or an A2.”

“Aww, come on, don’t say no,” Wynnie begged. “I know you want to do it… I mean, it’s fun to be a little naughty sometimes…”

“Alright,” Estelle gave in. “Where do you have in mind?”

That little twist in Wynnie’s smile told her that she should not have asked that.


Today we’re going down town! It’s only just a little holiday. Try and catch us if you can! Tomorrow I’ll be a good girl, tomorrow I’ll be the best I can, so I hope you will understand. 

Downtown. Of all places Wynnie chose, it had to be downtown.

“We’re going to get caught, we’re going to get caught,” Beryl moaned behind them as they walked along the bustling pavements.

“Come on, be a sport,” Valerie nudged her. “I mean, we are only doing it once!”

“Once is already a crime,” the bookworm insisted. “Imagine all the lessons and lectures we are missing….!”

“Well, we’re already here,” Wynnie pointed out. “No point going back to school, unless you want to get caught by the discipline teachers. And anyway, it’s not like the school will miss us today; it can wait.” Beryl’s next set of grumbles were kept to herself after that.

Estelle’s squeal of excitement drew their attention to a shop one block down. “Oh my gosh! Guys! You might want to see this!!!”

The three of them quickly rushed down to where the sporty girl was, and were instantly amazed. It was an all-Japanese shop, with costumes of notable anime characters like Naruto hanging on the shelves and posters of anime filling up every single corner.

It was an otaku’s paradise: the paradise they always desired.

Without another word, all of them charged into the store, gasping at the wide range of merchandise from the official Jump shop in Japan. The prices were a bit costly, but it was to be expected since the products were directly flown in from Japan.

Rings, necklaces, collar pins and shirts- the surprises just keep popping out. The shop was even selling bolsters that had Shakugan no Shana, Sword Art Online and Katekyo Hitman Reborn on them.

Valerie could not contain her exhilaration. As her friends all knew, she had this fetish for really cute things and socks that had cute characters on them. When she saw the socks displayed on the table, she nearly wanted to pick up all of them but controlled herself. After some frantic decision-making, she decided to purchase the sock with Rillakuma eating an ice-cream.

Estelle, as quick as lightning,  picked up Fairy Tail’s Lucy’s Celestial Keys, something she had really longed to have. Goosebumps flared up her arms as she touched the metal plating. The tingle of power shot down her spine and she knew she had to get it.

Wynnie had her mind set on One Piece bracelet that had charms in shape of the characters like Luffy and Chopper. It was so adorable, and it definitely suited her to the max.

Beryl was more hesitant because of her money-consciousness.  In the end, she decided to buy a Gundam Model Kit, something she always had an obsession for.

Woo-hoo, sha la la la la! Woo-hoo, sha la la la la! Woo-hoo! Catch us if you can!

They went karaoke-ing. They danced; they sang.

They watched movies.

Explored different malls.

Beryl could not believe how the day had become increasingly fun. They were full of adrenaline, a little tired but still raring to go. It felt good, to just drop everything and have fun. She had forgotten how it felt to be free again; how it felt to be released from the suffocating cage she had been trapped in.

Lately, she had been working hard: too hard for her own good. She became so used to the routine that she had forgotten the fun in learning. How had she forgotten? How could she have forgotten?

But it didn’t matter now. She was laughing away, laughing loudly. Her childhood memories came rushing back to her, where she would be swinging around on monkey bars, running childishly on the field and where she had been a fun-loving kid.

They were in a mall again. The cool air immediately whisked them deeper into the mall, where fashion and fun awaited.

“There are so many things to do!” Estelle gushed, looking around.

“And very little time,” Valerie reminded her. “Let’s pick up the pace.”

They were prepared to charge into a shop. Their stance all ready. Their energy pumping.

“And where do you think you girls are going?”

All four of them froze as the unmistakable scent of perfume wafted into their noses. The voice was thin and papery, and Wynnie could recognise it instantly. Blood drained from her face as she turned.

Beryl’s heart almost drowned.

Mayday, mayday. The game is over, I think we are in trouble.

“Yes, we promise you, we won’t do this again.”

It was the same sentence, repeated at least six times. First to their discipline mistress who had caught them in the mall, second to the principal in her office, and each of them apologised to their parents for their apparent misdemeanor.

The four pairs of mums and dads had a great look of disapproval and disappointment etched on every wrinkle and fold of their faces. Their frowns painted the story of their emotions and all Estelle could do was hang her head in shame.

Why must all good things come to an end? As she stared at the parents who were currently talking to the principal, she could not help but think. They were young and free; they were full of vibrant energy, so why couldn’t they just go out and play just for a day? And besides, it was their first time so they should show some mercy.

In fact, they were the ones you can always count on: the ones who handed their homework on time, showed perseverance in their work and enthusiasm in their learning. Anyway, nobody was perfect, so you could not expect a hundred percent obedience from each of them.

The four of them shared a look. They were in deep trouble when they got home. But for today, Estelle couldn’t help but admit, it was worth it.

You can take the girls out of their fun, but you will never take the fun out of the girls. 

The Tricked Pierrot


Author’s Note: Well, what can I say? I’m in love with Shounen T’s version. The guitar is so magical, seriously, you got to listen to it. It’s infectious.

The Tricked Pierrot

Betrayal is a rusty sword.

A single thrust could lodge it in your heart for life, and even if it gets drawn out or heal, there are still remnants that burn with every aching memory. The pain is always there; a lingering wound.

I was just, simply, a girl lost in love.

Everyone whispers around me.

Everyone gossips about me.

Everybody avoids me.

Nobody cared about the geeky kid with huge spectacles whom the teachers adored. There was nothing they wanted from me. And there was nothing I could give them.

Loneliness knew me by name. It found me, and it would never give me up. I wished, somehow, I could rip off its chains, chuck it away, and find friends that I could hang out with, peers I could count on. But yet, here I was once again, timid outcasted me.

I think my luck changed a bit when I presented my Science project to the class. I earned a bit of admiration, but that was all. After that, everyone treated me the same way they did every day before. Like a shadow, a ghost, that can never be seen.


Then he came.

It was pretty unexpected actually. A crumpled paper ended up on my table and I paused slightly as I unfolded it.

Dearest, it began. And then went on with scrawly handwriting with really weird, but funny, pick-up lines. I giggled a bit, blushing. I looked around and I saw one of my classmate signal with his hands: Outside. Next door.

I raised an eyebrow and left the class. And I saw you. Tall with broad shoulders and black hair, you stood in front of your class 3-C. I blushed furiously. Did you know? You were my childhood crush until I realised I probably was not going to be the ‘girl’ you had been waiting for. I gave up back then, but the letter you gave me ignited the sparks again.

You gave me a small smile slowly, and passed me another letter before you vanished into your class. I read that same scrawly handwriting:

Meet me at Sakura hill after school. -Yuuma” 

I smiled. It was a perfect place, lush greenery and beautiful flora. From the top of the hill, we could have the bird’s eye view of our town. A private place and a scenic landscape.

It was a date, was it not?

But yet, I was there all alone. I waited there, watching crowds of people walk below as I sat stupidly on the grass. As time ticked on, I waited for you to show yourself.

It might have been a small little date, but it was my first. 

Picnickers chatted happily below me as clouds floated past gently. So ever slowly, so ever gracefully. I was still on the grass, my palms swirling around restlessly.

A really simple formula, the first that I did not understand at all. The ticking of the clock is rushing like my heart is going to stop. I have attempted to  really, truly comprehend, but I just could not. Did you imagine how I would feel? To think that in your eyes, you really see me as a clown to just be made fun of. How cruel could you be?

It was only an hour later that thoughts began spinning in my head. That you were not planning to show up. That you had just asked me out for fun. Because I was just the geek kid that no one wanted to go out with. No one wanted to love me. My jaw clenched in fury. I was so foolish, foolish, to believe your words. Your written words.

I got up, and left. It was as if I was the Earth, spinning slowly on my axis. I was an empty, thoughtless sphere, numb with disbelief that I could have fallen for such a cheap trick. It was just a mere second when I felt like I was going to lose a step, and I stopped. I stood, rooted to the spot, without a sound. But crystals still fell from my eyes, regardless.

I didn’t mean for this to be a bit of luck and suddenly I came to find that all this time, I didn’t need to see the light.
Your hand had been reaching out for me, your warming touch was all that I needed. And just a little smile would make it all worthwhile. And yet, they caused a little tear in my heart.

I took off my spectacles and threw them onto the ground. I will change. I will make you regret your actions. I lifted my feet and crushed it, frame and glass. I had vowed to wait patiently, to spare you a few more minutes. But I knew. Those minutes would turn into days.

I still remembered that you were laughing in class with all your friends, telling them how you abandoned me on the hill. I was standing at the door and every word had reached my ears. I glared at your back, and the friends in front of you immediately froze up and shifted away. You turned and saw me.

I walked up to you, calm and composed. My eyes were no longer hidden by the spectacles, the fury all clearly reflected. It was too quick to register. All I knew that there was a blur of a hand and you recoiled, a red imprint so deeply stamped onto your cheek. My hand stung a little.

The loud crack of the slap shook your class. They gawked silently.

“How dare you treat me like your personal amusement,” I said coldly. “How dare you treat me as a joke! I am a person, a being with feelings. Your selfishness has clouded you and I hope that one day, someone will make you see through it. If you ever try to cross me again, you will regret it.”

On that last note, I stormed out from the awkward silence.

Yes, I’m the clown. I’m the joke you’ve always known me as. But no longer. I will be the clown of my own life. I will make my choices.

I will be your pierrot no longer. 




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We Are Believix


Author’s Note: So….HAS ANYONE STARTED WATCHING WINX CLUB SEASON 5?! I have, and it is so beautiful and meaningful! Yeah, I know you guys are probably thinking that Winx Club is a really lame show, but seriously, that shows you haven’t been watching it really in-depth. Go on, watch the new episodes- once you discover that hidden treasure the show has been trying to tell girls worldwide, then you will understand.

I’ll talk to you later on (:


We Are Believix! (based on the song of the same name by Elizabeth Gilles)

You could never imagine the power of believing  in someone.

You might not know it, but believing can be quite powerful, with the strength and dedication it possessed. Believing comes in many different forms, and most of them can be actually seen in our daily lives.

People worshipped gods since the beginning of time and until now. The influence and its followers can make a huge impact on the world. Ancient gods are still widely respected and highly regarded, and their tales come alive in books that spoke of myth and magic.

Don’t you believe in your idols? That they will go on forward with your support? That they will never give up? That is a strong sort of believing too, because without your support and admiration, would your idols be here so famous that with the single mention of their name, people will immediately know who you are referring to?

In society, you believe in your friends, your family and yourself. Your friends and family believe in you. It gives you that boost of confidence, that urge to press onwards, that feeling to reach your goals no matter what it is. It gives you strength to do what you want to do, to catch your dreams and shoot for your destiny. It gives you a fate to fight; something to live for; the reason for your existence.

And that is just by believing.


The Winx experienced it first-hand: believing in its pure form. All six members could clearly recall that bubbling feeling within their hearts , the pounding in their heads and the excitement boiling in their blood. Back then, they were fighting the Dark Circle, four Fairy Hunters that thirsted for the power the last Earth Fairy held. The Winx, in their Enchantix, could not affect them because of their resistance to such magical power.

They had been trying to protect Roxy, the last Earth Fairy, from falling into their hands….but they had been too weak. What damage could they inflict when their powers were ineffective? They had almost given up- they had failed Roxy, the Earth, Faragonda…

“Winx, no!” Roxy had cried out, in the clutches of the Dark Circle. She tried to jerk her shoulders out of their hands. “I believe in you!!”

And that was when the miracle happened. The sky thundered as dark clouds loomed over the city. Flashes of sparkling lightning, no, magic, lit up the clouds, blinding the four hunters.

“Can you feel it?” Bloom had whispered.

“Yes, I hear it too….it is calling….” Flora murmured.

Before they knew it, they were enveloped in bright lights.


We learn history so that we will never repeat it. But you know how it goes: History always repeats itself.

Especially when the Trix were around. This time, they were after the Lilo, a plant full of powerful magic. If it fell into the wrong hands…well, you know it. Long story cut short: the Winx were going to put a stop to it.

They had captured a girl, Macy, who somehow had it in her possession. The girl was terribly frightened, and you didn’t even need to see it to believe it. After all, a human in the clutches of three notorious witches didn’t really stand much of a chance.

The battle ensued in the Gardenia’s Community Park. They were evenly matched, with the Winx in their Believix and the Trix with their new spells. It was impossible to tell who was winning. Even the spectators were caught in the anxiety.

When the fragile Lilo crashed onto the ground, both parties were stunned, but the Trix recovered first. As soon as the flower started to bloom, they dove into the beam that shot out of the plant.

Bloom almost screamed, but Flora beat her to it. After all, she was the Guardian Fairy of Nature: she could feel the pure energy flowing into the evil trio, turning dark with every pulsating second. “NO!”

“Yes!” Icy shouted in glee. “Sisters, feel the power flowing through us! We will be unstoppable!”

Not on my watch, Bloom thought angrily, as heat burst within her palms. She threw it towards the Trix, blasting them out of the energy beam. But her magic did not make them falter an inch.

“You’re weak now, Bloom!” Darcy taunted. “The Winx don’t stand against us!”

“That’s not true!” Stella yelled. “We still have hope! Hope that we can defeat you!” For once, the Winx agreed with Stella and was quite amazed with her words. When did the vain fashion queen Stella get replaced by a determined one?

“As long there is hope, there is a way.” Musa flew up behind her, giving Stella the moral support she needed.

“Hope? We have something better than that!” Stormy glared. “With this new strength, we will destroy every hope you have left in you, and crush it together with your precious Gardenia!”

“No! We won’t let you!” Tecna quickly blasted a jolt of electricity, which was deflected by Stormy with just a flick of her palm.

“We are stronger than before,” Icy said dangerously. At her cue, the three witches combined their power and launched it at the Winx, knocking them out of the sky and onto the ground. Icy was right: they were so strong. Ice, darkness and storm with a little boost of Lilo was definitely a force not to be trifled with. A head-on attack would be futile.

Was this the end? All those hard work…for nothing? Bloom stared helplessly as the witches cackled at their victory.

“I believe in the Winx.”

Bloom’s head turned. That voice…her adoptive mother…Vanessa! Like some angel, the recognisable brunette emerged from the crowd. Her eyes were fierce, like a mother bear protecting her cubs. Bloom almost cried.

“Me too.”

“I believe in them!”

“Don’t give up!”

The Winx felt a strange energy coming from the auras the spectators were now giving off. The energy was so pure, it almost seemed that the people were the Lilo themselves. Unanimously, the Winx rose, their wings suddenly full of spirit. Bloom could feel it, the energy flowing into them, boosting them.

You turn our sparkle on — your power makes us strong…

With that new power, the Winx girls did a convergence spell: nature, technology, water, music, light and fire combined into a huge sphere of magic. Their hands grabbed each other as they sent their most powerful attack towards the Trix. With a literal bang, the three witches flew out of the park upon contact.

And we never give in…

“Strike!” Aisha cheered.

Everyone applauded behind them. The wave of energy Bloom felt was still present, floating in the air and into them. It seemed to fill them all with so much warmth.

Today, we are going to celebrate, and shout, “Hey hey!”

“Come on,” Bloom whispered. “I think some thanks are in order.” There was no need for debate, the girls all agreed. They fluttered into the sky and leaving a trail of magic.

Streaks of red, blue, indigo, yellow, green and pink coloured the sky, looking like multi-coloured sun rays that pierced  clouds.

We’re the sound of wonder, hear our rainbow thunder. 

“Thank you, everyone…because you believed it- that we are the magic- we managed to win!” Bloom’s voice rang through the clouds.

“Please keep believing in us, because with you, we are Believix!”


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