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Sea☆A Auditions


Okay, this is going to be really awkward. Basically, this post will be full of my doubts and hopes. 

As you all probably know, I’m a huge fan of Sea☆A, Singapore’s very own Anisong idols that have spread the love for anime throughout the world. Recently, news of the Sea☆A New Member auditions have been circulating, and I really, really, hope that I’ll be chosen. I’ve been choosing songs from my music library, avoiding songs that go really high pitch. I decided to do Koji Wada’s songs, since my voice is mostly suited for them.

As I read the form, I realised I need to get my parents’ consent and write a 300-word introduction about myself. In addition, I have to write down my qualifications and achievements, which basically equals zero. I have no vocal lessons, no Japanese course, not in Choir and definitely did not win any award for singing. All I have is my English and average drama skills.

A 300-word introduction might not seem hard. However, my attempts were unsuccessful. What could I write about myself that Sea☆A could possibly want?

I am a great fan of Sea☆A. Yeah, like that would get me in. Why would Sea☆A want to lose a valuable fan in me? And besides, I am the owner of their fansite and a Singaporean. Why would they choose another Singaporean when they already have three?

And then there’s the concern about parents’ consent. What if my parents refuse? I mean, with O levels next year, I can’t really afford to miss out on lessons. And then there’s the commitment to Red Cross to think about. I’ll be stepping down next year, so it might give me additional time to study…

But the more I think about becoming closer to Sea☆A, the more I get excited and motivated!! It’s like an opportunity to perform with an idol you love and spazz so much about and your dream to finally become like them will be fulfilled with each step you take in this auditions.

And it’s not only Sea☆A I’m doing this for. I am doing this for my cousin, for Moodoo, for my Vanguard Sensei, for my family and friends. I doing this for everyone’s love and support. I’m doing this to carry on forward the dreams of my beloved cousin. I am doing this because I know I must and should. It feels like some sort of calling.

Have I really found it? Only Sea☆A will tell me.