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Dream Shooter


Author’s Note: This particular oneshot goes out to Sea*A. I don’t think they will ever see this, but I hope to express my adoration for them through my writing. Here goes nothing. :/


“Do you, Aureallya Uwriyel, accept this duty and responsibility as the Pyralis of this clan?”

“Do you solemnly swear that you will go by the Law, and only the Law, and uphold the Code at all times?”

“Do you promise to put the clan before yourself, even in death?”

“Will you honour the Flame of Llios?”

“Yes,” I answered broadly and the priestess of the Flame nodded silently. She took a step back, her white dress flowing beneath her feet as she turned. I could feel stares on my back as I knelt on the authentically carpeted stairs that cushioned my knees. The priestess’ movements distracted my train of thoughts as she stood before the Torch that held the sacred Flame that protected my clan.

I swallowed as her bare hands reached into the golden Flame directly. I never understood how they did it. The only explanation that they told us was that they were given the Touch of Fire, that protected them from the burning wrath of the Flame.

As she spun on her heels gracefully and walked back to me, I could feel my heart thumping adrenaline through my every vein. It’s actually happening, I told myself. I felt a smile blossoming in my heart.

“Llios!” the priestess’ clear voice rang out through the whole temple as she named my clan. “You have found worthy the descendant of the house of Uwriyel, the flame of God, to take up the throne!”

My clan roared in approval as I felt a red blush riding up from my neck to my chin.

“Aureallya Uwriyel,” she Named me as she placed her hands that were cupping the Flame essence directly over my head. “I hereby bestow upon you the title of Pyralis Llios! I crown you thee!” Slowly, she uncupped her hands and the essence floated above my headdress, before levitating to my collarbone and solidifying into a scarlet gem that went around my neck in a rope.

In a quieter voice for only me to hear, she whispered, “Rise, dear child, for you shall never bow before anyone again.” I did, and she knelt before me. “My Pyralis.”

My whole clan echoed her words as they went down on their knees. “My Pyralis.”

I felt the Stone of Essence grow warm and soothing as I touched it briefly. A wave of hot power surged through me, replacing the adrenaline rush I had felt earlier. The immense feeling swamped my head as a single tear welled up within me.

I had been a servant girl, forcibly sold into slavery after being kidnapped from my parents since birth. I had been sent to work in one of the houses of the nobles in the Hitani clan, one of the most prominent clans around. There were four distinguishable clans- each holding their own valued ‘Artifact’.

Kazetani, the clan of Zephyrus, was known for their speed and stealth, upholding the crest of the Falcon. Held scared to them was the Breath of Iryllis, the wind of agility.

Gitani, clan of Gaia, had brute strength and the strongest defensive tactics around, proudly boasting the crest of the Bear.  Within the heart of their clan grounds, was the Pillar of Terra, the symbol of their strength.

Mizutani, clan of Leviathan, were the brains and strategists, and their crest was the Orca. Deep in the caverns of frost and ice, was the Crystal of Aristia, the water of purity.

Hitani, the clan of Llios, the offensive and the clan which depended solely on firepower, literally speaking, and their crest was the Lion. They held dear the Flame of Pyralis, the fire of honor/loyalty.

Anyway, I was sold into the home of Relioa, where they treated me nicely, even though I was just a slave girl. Yet, something deeper connected us, something that roared.

I kept a charm with me ever since I was with those other unfortunate kids that were robbed from their families by rogues and bandits of other clans. It was silver charm that had a single word ‘Ignis’ engraved finely onto it. I never knew what it meant, but I wore it all the same.

That day, that special day, I was scrubbing the floors as I always did early at dawn. Alas, after years of use, the rusty chain broke and my charm tinkled onto the hard ground. Immediately, I scoured around, trying to find that last connection to my family. I wept as I did so, the thought of losing it forever spiking my heart.

From behind me, a voice called. “Are you looking for this?”

I whipped around and saw the familiar sparkle of silver in my master’s hand. “Yes!” I cried out joyfully as I reached out to grab it, but he pulled back quickly. He glared at me intensely, something I had never seen before in all my years of service.

“Where did you get this?” he demanded dangerously. “Answer me!”

I trembled, not understanding his sudden burst of rage. “I-I got it since I was a baby,” I blabbered stupidly. “Please, give it back. This is the last I have of my family.” I stretched my hand out, but he slapped it down.

“Do you take me as a fool?” he snarled. “This cannot be yours! Such a noble jewel should not be handled by a mere slave! Speak the truth!”

Suddenly, something in me snapped. This was not my master. He was nice, not this. Not this beast of pure anger. A spark burst into flames in my heart. “Hand it over,” I said sharply. “It’s not yours, master. That is mine and solely mine.”

As if to emphasise on this fact, my outstretched palm lit a flicker of fire. That was a surprise; I had never known I had fire. Then again, I could have been from the some clan that branched off the Hitani clan that allowed me to possess such a gift.  Nevertheless, I edged towards him.

He paled. “B-but if this is yours…” He gave a short glance at the silver charm, and then asked me, “Do you know what this word means?” He didn’t specify what word, but he just lifted the charm and pointed at it. I figured he was talking about ‘Ignis’.

I frowned. “Not really. It has been bothering me since I learned to read.”

To my shock, he gasped and looked at me harder. “Y-you can see the word?”

“Of course,” I said, uncertainty feeling me. “You can’t see ‘Ignis’?”

“My dear,” he grasped my hands that stopped flaming, “only the people of Hitani can do so.”

With assistance of the priestess of the Holy Temple, I found out the family I came from and my true name, that was given at birth.

“Aureallya of Uwriyel,” the priestess smiled warmly. “Welcome home.”

I became the Pyralis Disciple automatically. There had been no Pyralis for sixteen long years since my family supposedly died out during the child raids long ago. They were aware that a girl had been taken, but attempts to retrieve her were futile. They thought of her to be dead. But yet, here I was, in flesh and soul, I was next in line.

The priestess groomed me every single day. Within a short period of three months, I was ready.

An hour had flew by as soon as I got accustomed to my new room. It was scarlet and decorated with small dancing flames. The huge glass window gave a clear view of my whole clan- and the whole sunset orange sky. A tine squeal of excitement escaped my lips as I ran to the balcony. The sinking sun had dyed the clouds in the colour of orange flames, a scenery to depict my achievement. I gasped, as a rainbow made itself visibly seen, shooting into the clouds. I felt the last of the sunshine as evening slowly darkened the orange sky. A cooling wind snaked itself around me, as if to congratulate my new position.

I sighed as I stared into the sky, now a dark blue. Stars had already come out to play, glowing and shining just for me, as if  telling me that I was now the fire of the clan and it was time to let my passion burn and blaze brightly; to pave the way for the future generations.

It was the hard task, but I will never give up. Determinedly gazing into the sky, I resolved loudly, “I will always trust my heart!”

Now I believe that I can reach my dream, create new miracles- for a better future for my clan.

May the Flame of Llios light me the way.


Author’s Note (again): Okay, I think I messed it up. Wait. I did. Anyway, what I actually wanted to say was, I adored Sea*A because I acknowledged them as the most successful Singaporeans in the 20th century. Seriously, Singapore has never made a name for itself in the international music world. Songs that are used for animes are mostly known to be popular among fans, and as Anisong Idols, they have engraved their names in our Singapore history. I am so proud of them, and I hope they will keep up the awesome job 😀 ((They should have their names on the Singapore Walk of Fame lol. We should totally have one at Universal Studios Singapore #justsaying))

So, by spreading the love and support for Sea*A, I have created a fansite just for them!