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Class C- Silver


Whee~ I’ve got some great news!

My entry “Grandma Saves the Day” actually won Silver! Hooray!




Some random thing~~~ WARRIORS!


Whee~ I got my Warrior name!!!

Those who have no idea what I am talking about, please go and read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter (a group of authors). It’s about cats from their perspectives, the best book ever!

My apprentice name is Leopardpaw and after I blazed through the quest with pure luck and awesomeness, I became…




By Justice (An imprint of ‘The Last Revolver’)


Author’s Note: Okay, so I’ll admit that I am quite a big fan of ‘The Last Revolver’ which was sung by Japanese Vocaloid Gumi, thanks to Tsucha. As I had mentioned in a post, she wrote a one-shot series based on the song which was named after the same title. I got some inspiration from her, and while having a nice shower, I discovered that there was nothing much about the guy. In Tsucha’s epilogue of ‘The Last Revolver’, she mentioned something about ‘justice’ and so I got a few ideas from there.

The girl will be called Rei because I don’t want to copy Tsucha’s original character and I wanted to the assassin to have a short and sweet name. The guy will be called Takashi. Yes, very common names. Deal with it.

Oh, and it has the longest number of words so far– 2,653.  It took up 7 pages in Microsoft Word. Damn, why so long D:

By Justice

“I’d like to introduce our new member to our ranks,” a crisp voice rang out. “Akira Takashi, please stand.” The man speaking was a bespectacled plump person with tan skin and neatly combed brown hair. He was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt that was buttoned up to the third hole and black pants that was tightened with a matching leather belt. He was sitting in his usual white arm chair that looked more like a throne at the front of the circular table. Known to his staff and colleagues, he was the Professor.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just the Professor. He had to hide his identity from possible spies that might have infiltrated the Justice Headquarters, but that was most unlikely. The towering building was heavily guarded 24/7 and security was as tight as the belt around his waist. They had a lot of checks–DNA, fingerprint, saliva, hair, etcetera. So it was almost impossible, unless some person is really desperate and obtains everything, but no one really bothers nowadays so who really cared?

Takashi, a tall 18-year-old boy with dark black hair, rose from his seat across the Professor, earning glances from his future colleagues. You must be wondering why an 18-year-old was doing at such a place. For starters, Justice was not a M16 building or FBI secret headquarters. It was totally different.

The purpose of Justice could be phrased into one sentence: to vanquish the Pierre Noel and its evil deeds. The Pierre Noel was a hidden society that brought up orphans for one sole reason.

To kill the assigned target.

Claps broke Takashi out from his reverie. The exclusive Akira family had always been doing good and their unstained reputation earned them the respect of everyone in Japan. So Takashi’s great-great-great-great (I am not sure how many greats) grandfather joined the Justice and many generations had followed suit.

Justice was not like the Pierre Noel; they had never sent spies or assassins to break into their headquarters. Oh no, they did not. Instead, they would try to get them to ‘turn over a new leaf’. The members were orphans, for crying out loud! How could they kill such children who were unfortunately corrupted by evil they were unaware of? Justice would try and convince them by whatever means, and save them.

Of course, some perished in their mission, but take this to heart: it was for the greater good.

“So to prove himself, I’d like Takashi to go on his first official mission,” The Professor was saying. “What do you say, Akira?”

Takashi gazed at him with what he hoped was a determined look. “I would be honoured, sir.” He made sure he stood straight and proud as the Professor and colleagues assessed him thoroughly.

“I think he is fit for this task,” the elusive Professor gave a knowing grin. “What do you say everyone?”

Murmurs of agreement echoed and Takashi was stumped. What was the task in the first place? Darn, I should have paid more attention. 

“So it’s decided then!” The Professor smacked his hands together in glee. “Takashi will take up the mission of melting the heart of the top assassin, Akiyama Rei.”

Akiyama Rei?! Takashi could have fainted on the spot, if he wasn’t in front of the Professor and his colleagues and if he wasn’t a guy. Men were supposed to be strong-willed, not weak-minded. If his father saw him like this, he would’ve shaken his head and sigh, “What a disgrace to the family.”

But it wasn’t his fault! Akiyama Rei was the only assassin and the most dangerous member, besides Santa the Head, in the Pierre Noel and one of the youngest. She was considered a genius at sniping and was notorious for her stoic expression before killing her target. Hence she was dubbed ‘The Emotionless Doll’.

After being dismissed, he silently screamed at his lousy luck. Of all the members, why Akiyama Rei? Why not some other first-timer, like a henchmen or something? He could have easily handled that. Frustration built up within him as he headed into his room. In the Justice Headquarters, it was also your home. It was connected to a dormitory nearby, which was thought to be a student hostel by those unaware and dense humans.

Lying back on his soft feather pillow, he closed his eyes and dozed off.

Akiyama Rei was not a very happy person. Nor was she sad. Or angry. Or disappointed.

She never had emotions displayed on her pale face nor behind her emerald eyes. With her short green hair and petite figure, you could see how she was easily called ‘The Emotionless Doll’. She was so very quiet and reserved, and never talked unless someone told her to. She was very obedient, and only loyal to Santa, the Head of the Pierre Noel.

When she was given a target, she never questioned it. Even if it was a young boy, she would just mindlessly go by. She could not betray Santa, the person who brought her up when nobody wanted or loved her.

She had never seen pictures of her targets, so she stalked them or find out from the townspeople. Other than that, it would be just plain luck to bump into them off a corner of a street. Even if she did, she wouldn’t know until that person foolishly gave his or her name away.

And by the next day, there will be a murder.

Today, she was assigned a new task: to kill Akira Takashi, a Justice member.

A week later… (Spring)

Their first meeting had been a coincidence. Takashi had always been fond of cherry blossoms and had always visited the big one right on top of a hill that no one really bothered to visit anymore. Rei loved the cherry blossom tree. When she was younger, she would always visit it, and share all her troubles. And she still does. It was always a good listener and never answered back. It gave her comfort and shelter until Santa picked her up and recruited her. Life had been much more bloody ever since.

It was an annual thing, visiting this special sakura tree. It bloomed during the spring so both of them, though they didn’t know of it, took time off and went to find it. It was that spring, when they found each other.

He was there first, broad and tall, leaning against the magnificent aging trunk of the tree. He plugged in his iPod and played his songs. The tree was filled with pink flowers of every size, so small, yet so pretty. That was what Rei appeared to him when they first saw each other.

He had never seen Rei’s photograph at all. He always pictured her as a taller girl with a slender figure. He didn’t know that the small girl that came up beside him was actually her in the flesh.

She was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a collar, accompanied with a mini-skirt. Takashi stared curiously at her as she returned his stare with a blank look.

He got intimidated real quick. What’s up with this girl?

She laid her hand on the tree began to mouth some words that Takashi couldn’t comprehend. But he recognised it. She was talking to the tree. He had done it before, so it wasn’t really surprising. So she was like him, this girl. Confessing every trouble she’d encountered to the tree.

“Hey,” he began. “What’s your name?”

The girl looked at him, her emotions unreadable, as she shot back, “Why do you want to know?” Her stare was hard and he flinched.

“Well,” he scratched his head. “You are a lot like me; you ‘talk’ to trees.” He watched her face, but she was still expressionless.


“I just wanted to know. Is that a problem?”

“Do you guys always start a conversation with a name?”

“That’s not the point…”

“Then what is?”

He shut up and raised his arms in defeat. “Fine, you win, girl. This time.”

As he turned to walk off, he heard a small voice whisper, “Akiyama Rei.”

He whipped around immediately. “What?”

But she was already gone.

I was so stupid.

Why did I tell him my name? Santa’s going to kill me.

She won’t if I don’t tell her.

But she has a thing for finding out!

You want to stay alive as long as you can, you zip.

But, I’m in trouble.

Just keep your blabbering mouth shut. She won’t know.

Takashi couldn’t sleep that night. She was a pretty little thing with her emerald eyes and hair. But why did she whisper Akiyama Rei? Did she know something about his mission? Did she know that assassin personally?

But the most vital question rang in his mind. Was she Akiyama Rei?

He shook it off. That was impossible, wasn’t it? She was so short and she looked fairly young. How could such an innocent girl like her be an assassin? He banged his fists on his study desk.

“Damn it,” he growled. The Pierre Noel did that to powerless orphans, robbing them of their innocence and youth, and twisting them into monsters that obey their every command. Didn’t they feel used? Oh, he forgot, they were too obedient that they didn’t even dare rebel. They were what you called the perfect army.

No doubts. No complaints. Just silence.

He had to clarify everything tomorrow, if that girl showed up again.

She did, fortunately. But she didn’t speak of anything. When he pressed her about whether her name was truly ‘Akiyama Rei’, she just shook her head vigorously and answered, “No, my name isn’t Akiyama Rei. It’s-” She paused briefly, as if to think. “-Megani Gumi.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, that’s a start!” He grinned and stretched out his hand. “My name is Itashii Takeru, nice to meet you.” He had created a fake name to hide his identity, just in case she was lying.

She reached out, pulled back a few inches, and grabbed his hand. They shook and Takashi saw a shadow of a smile on her lips.


It had been a few weeks after their encounter. They started out as good friends and both of them went to see the summer fireworks display that was held every year. He saw her wide eyes as her awestruck eyes reflected the many bursts of multi-coloured embers in the sky. And then, she smiled openly.

Takashi was captivated by her–like how she was with the fireworks show. She was a real beauty, with a red kimono which brought out her eyes and her green obi. He secretly deduced her favourite colour was green.

They chatted under the moonlit sky and Takashi’s guard started to waver. It wasn’t possible that this girl was ‘The Emotionless Doll’. She was too nice, although she still kept to herself. When Takashi asked things about her family and her school, she would always change the subject.

She was strange, that girl.


They had grown to like each other. Takashi was glad that she loved him back. After hanging out a few months with each other, they had actually become closer. She laughed more frequently, but somehow it felt forced. But Takashi knew she was happy in her heart.

They began dating during the later half of autumn, enjoying the other’s company. Leaves began to fall like rain around them, rustling in the gentle breeze, under the sakura tree where they first met.

And that’s when they kissed.


When they drew back, Takashi’s face was flushed and Gumi’s gaze was on the ground, as if her shoes had suddenly become interesting.

They had been together for six months now. And now, after that passionate kiss, it was confirmed that they were a couple. There was no space for secrets and Takashi opened his mouth.

“Gumi, I have something to say.” She looked up, waiting. Her emerald eyes shimmered under the moonlit night, the stars scattered all over the sky.

He hesitated at first, but shook it off. “My name is not Itashii Takeru.”

Her face suddenly fell, contorted with confusion and sadness. “What? Why didn’t you tell me the first time we met?”

“I’m sorry,” he apologised, biting his lips. “But I just had to make sure that you weren’t who I suspected you to be.”

“And who was that?” she queried.

He gazed at her and then clamped his mouth. “I can’t tell you, I’m sorry.”

“Then who are you?”

That was an easy question yet he held back for a while before answering, “Akira Takashi.”

What?!” her eyes were wide and she staggered back in shock. But why?

Takashi raised an eyebrow. “I beg your pardon?” He saw something glistening at the corner of Gumi’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, concerned. As he took a step forward, Gumi turned and raced off, leaving him there, stunned and hurt.

The moment Rei returned back to the Pierre Noel base, she rushed into her room and banged the door shut. And then she pounced onto her bed and cried her heart out.

The notorious assassin, Akiyama Rei, was crying. She never cried. Ever. She was ‘The Emotionless Doll’, but ever since Takeru-no, Takashi- came into her life, her dull gray life suddenly burst into a spectrum of colours.

She leaned back against the white wall of her bedroom, wiping her tears away as she hugged her knees closer and bowed her head. But the one thing that was on her mind was that he was her assigned target. She had to kill her boyfriend.

She glanced at the revolver thrown carelessly on the mattress. The one Santa had given her after she had completed every test set for selected orphans like her. A real revolver loaded with real bullets that could murder someone with one push.

She never hesitated to kill a person before. But this time, two conflicting emotions fought against each other.

Her loyalty to Santa, her mother, wanted her kill Takashi.

But her love for Takashi wanted her to elope with him and escape the Pierre Noel.

Only one option stood. She couldn’t outrun the Pierre Noel even if she tried. She picked up the revolver, clutched it tightly, and slept.

The next day…(Winter)

He saw her again under the same old tree. Megani Gumi, with her short green hair and startling emerald eyes. She was dressed in black and white from head to toe, with a grey coat snugly on her body.

But what shocked him the most was the metal weapon in her hand.

A revolver.

He gasped and stared at her. “You…you…A-Akiyama R-rei!” he spluttered. Please tell me it’s not true, his eyes begged her, but her stoic expression was enough proof.

Megani Gumi, or Akiyama Rei, was ‘The Emotionless Doll’ he had been tasked to change, was standing right infront of him, with a full-loaded revolver in her right hand pointing at him.

But he suspected it, didn’t he? And he let his guard down. “How long did you know?”

“Just yesterday,” came the reply. He cursed himself. He would lose his life today because of his mistake. A stupid, idiotic mistake.

Yet, he did not run. A flood of memories washed over.

There was a click and a whirr. He still stood there calmly, a gentle expression on his face.

“I am sorry,” she said.

Then he returned, “I love you.”

He watched the eyes of Rei widen in surprise as she pulled the trigger. And tears fell quickly.


Mission accomplished.

Rei looked on as Takashi fell backwards, her tears flowed freely.

He loved me. 

If she could turn back the time, she would have wanted them to visit the summer fireworks display next year. But…

He loved me. And I…I shot him.

“I promise we’ll be together.” She smiled and turned the barrel towards her chest.

I love you, Takashi.


Epilogue (of The Last Revolver by Tsubaki Hikari)


Author’s Note: My cousin/sister encountered some difficulties while writing the epilogue of her awesome one-shot series ‘The Last Revolver’ which is based on a Vocaloid PV of the same name sung by Gumi. It’s a very romantic song about an assassin who fell in love with her target, and shot him in the end. And then she died too. I was quite certain she committed suicide because she was filled with remorse after she killed her boyfriend, so she shot herself too.

But my cousin/sister pointed out that the song didn’t really specify if she killed herself or someone else set her up and killed her after she had done the foul deed. But still, I preferred her shooting herself (no, not because I’m a sadist) as it showed how she loved her boyfriend.

Anyway, her epilogue was only 192 words long, so I decided to lengthen it for her. Please don’t kill me. Your self-control is greatly appreciated.


I jolted awake, screaming. Perspiration poured from my forehead as I thought of the gruesome nightmare that had claimed me in the night. It had felt so real. I could actually feel the weight of the revolver and the jerk as I pulled the trigger and let the bullet loose…into the well-structured chest of my boyfriend.

I couldn’t believe that I was an assassin, let alone sent to kill somebody. But the thing that I was so afraid was, that the person I killed, eerily resembled that of my boyfriend. It haunted me so much, but it was just a dream, wasn’t it? I was just thinking about him too much last night, I figured.

I tended to be like that. If I thought to much about something, or someone in this case, I would have a dream about it. Like that time, when I worried about my English test which was scheduled the next day, I had a nightmare that I would fail it badly. It left me so anxious, my heart hitting my rib-cage so hard that I thought it would explode out of my chest. But in the end, I gained top.

I would have indulged myself into wondering what the dream had been all about…if Sebastian hadn’t burst into my bedroom, slamming the door open with such force that I jumped in shock. His handsome face was creased with worry and drenched in perspiration.

“Helen!” he panted as he rushed over to my side, his eyes frantically scanning my room for predators. “Is everything all right? I heard you scream!” I would have laughed it off, but the seriousness in his tone shut me up and forced me to reply in that same tone.

“I’m fine,” I said truthfully as I placed a reassuring hand on his cheek. I didn’t know when, but my eyes were moistened and something warm trailed down slowly on the side of my face. “It was just a bad dream.”

He eyed me skeptically. “A bad dream? As long as I could remember, you never screamed that loud before.” Oh right. His room was on the opposite side of the corridor. I flushed, embarrassed. Usually, I would just give a small scream and then shake it off before going back to bed. If he could hear it, that means I had actually given a real scream. Wow.

Finally, I sighed. “I’m sorry. It just really terrifies me.” I gazed at him, my eyes beginning to pool with fresh tears. “I…I…d-dreamt that…I…shot you dead with a gun…”

The concern in his eyes disappeared in a flash, replaced by disbelief and…surprise? Nevertheless, he embraced me tightly, as I sobbed openly into his masculine arms. The warmth of it comforted my heart, and soon, I was myself again.

He didn’t speak for quite a while. He just hugged me, as if I was going to leave him forever. When I drew back, he hesitated, and spoke, scratching the back of his head. “That’s rather odd. I dreamt that I fell in love with a girl, who looked a lot like you, and she shot me.”

He leaned towards me and his lips met mine. It was hot with passion and love as I allowed him entrance. His tongue snaked in and both of us were in a frenzy. He didn’t need to say anything with that kiss. I could feel it through the connection we had, the love we felt for each other.

We pulled back and I smiled. “I’m glad it was just a nightmare.”

He returned the smile with that cheeky grin of his. “Same here.”

We kissed a few times before he went back to his room, and both of us left this nightmare and discarded it into the deepest part of our mind. It was forgotten ever since.

Little did we know, that it was a dream of our past lives, where I was an assassin, given the task of killing Sebastian. I had, unfortunately, fallen in love with him after getting to know him. And we died separately, both deaths by the same hand. My hand. 

And God had rewarded us with eternal true love.

And that was the long forgotten tragic love of an assassin and her target.


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Hearts and Memories


Author’s Note: Hey, I am back again. I was supposed to do Waiting, a title suggested by one of my best friends, and post it up this week, but I didn’t have any inspirations for it. So it’s currently on hiatus. Here is another one-shot written in an hour. I just got this idea from a random phrase in my mind (Hearts and Memories). Then I was like “What a cool phrase…shouldn’t waste it…” So yeah. Kind of stupid, I know. Who reads my one-shots anyway, besides my cousin/sister?

Okay, so half-way, I have to admit, I got some idea from UP, the Disney movie. Heard of it? No? Go wiki it. Those who do, you have to recognise some bits I got from the movie. If you don’t, too bad. zzz… Got to go and game. I am pathetically Level 15 while my friends are Level 19.

Have to catch up. See you guys soon:)


If he had known that everything was to end today, he would have made it better. The last day of his show should have been a grand finale, something that would automatically etch itself  on people’s mind. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t. The day didn’t go well at all. Of course, only for him, that is.

That typical Sunday proceeded as usual, he wore a grumpy frown on his wrinkled face, his clothes the typical gray moody colour. Okay, so he wasn’t the cheerful type. Big deal; most of the people on Earth are pessimists. Most. Not all. So, please, do not come after me with a murderous intent. Thank you.

Anyway, in his perspective, everything he saw was frustratingly dull and painted in depressing colours. He was like the summer Christmas Grouch, cursing and swearing at any bad luck that fell upon him. He couldn’t care less about any children. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew him as a mean old grouch who was never to be messed with.

If there was a poll, or a contest, he would surely clinch the Most Avoidable Person. Wait, scratch that. Or rather, change it to Must Avoid Person. Obviously, no one knew his real name- why would he tell them in the first place?-, so from the kids, it went to the adults- mean old grump. So it was shortened and thus, he was commonly known as the Grump.

No one even dared to make eye contact with him, even his optician. That may be an exaggeration, but it was the truth. His optician only did when it was necessary, since it was his job to check eyes and adjust spectacles.

And that was how nobody knew who he really was. Buried under all those aged skin and constant frown, was a young lad, struggling to deal with the harsh world. With a broken heart and resolve, he never came to terms with reality.

It seemed like centuries ago when he had experienced love. He had met a jovial girl who had a big heart, even when she was small for her size. She loved animals and nature; an aspired explorer since she was three. It was definitely love at first sight. He didn’t care if he was too young to experience true love. No one told him what he couldn’t do, for a mere ten-year-old boy, his stubbornness was unbreakable.

He had heard that childhood friends were either destined to be apart or together. Luckily, for him, this love he felt for her, was undying, burning within him like a strong-willed flame. They wedded, and for many years, they were content in their little house on a hill, surrounded completely by trees. Just as his wife liked it.

She was the only one who was able to talk through his rage and stubbornness. They were so much opposite: she was a gentle breeze, while he was the ever-powerful sun. She captivated him, mesmerised him. He loved her so very much. They were inseparable, always together, no matter what. Through thick and thin, they clutched hands and faced the difficulty together. As one.

But, the time came where one of them had to leave earlier than the other. And that unfortunate one was his wife. Dear sweet Lucinda. He was overwhelmed by his grief and consumed by his rage after that. The cheery colours of their house slowly became dark and gloomy.

It was quite a few years before he decided to move on- and move into a new home. His ties with Lucinda were too painful to forget. And that was his house. The bond. With a reluctant heart, he moved out of the quiet hilly home, and into a noisier neighbourhood home. He thought, and hoped, that he would settle in, and become the cheerful person he was again.

But it was impossible.

Lucinda didn’t just live in the fragments of his old home, but in him as well. In his heart and memories. He could never be happy again. It was just too much to bear.

So, for the remainder of his life, he was a notorious figure, branding the dark side of him into the minds of everyone that lived in the neighbourhood. He wanted to make it up to them, turn over a new leaf and for once, smile.

But it came too fast. Death had no time for regrets.

So sad, so sad…

Lucinda would come for him soon.

And that was the story of a misunderstood and grief-stricken man.