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Day of Beginning (始まりの日 Hajimari no Hi)


This one-shot is inspired by a song of the same title (but in Japanese) sang by Suga Shikao featuring Mummy D. and my dearest cousin/sister, Tsucha. She has her own wordpress now. (Click here to view)

This is a reply to the dedication she wrote and posted. Like a ‘no problem’ reply.

Where are we going?”

Don’t know. Where ever we can run to, I guess.”

I stare at your determined face, glistening with perspiration under the faint glow of the moonlight. Your dirty hands clutch my small ones as we race through the endless darkness, our itchy dark cloaks flapping wildly behind us. Our silhouettes camouflage within the dark of the town, stealthily moving. It seems like only yesterday the very first time we had met each other. And how I was before you changed me completely.

I was terrified of everything I saw that was not human. Even when a stray cat just looked at me and harmlessly purred to show its friendliness, I just screamed and ran away. I was a short, confused and gullible orphan girl who had nobody to turn to. I was always getting picked out by the richer kids, leaving me in my world where I never believed in anything.

The very last time I had trusted a human, they had tricked me into stealing from a nearby house. I thought that house belonged to them, and they claimed that their ‘parents’ knew and kindly allowed me to take whatever I needed. Well, you obviously know the ending. I was heavily punished. I received scornful and disdainful looks whenever I was seen ever since then. And a fury grew in my heart. I resolved to never recognise another human again. To me, they were all the same. Mean scums who took advantage of a helpless girl like me.

I don’t even think I had relatives. No one came for me or tried to find me, ever since my parents disappeared, or died. I don’t even know where the hell they are. Are they alive? I used to hope that they were, and I was just a lost child stuck in an old town, where I could only lurk in alleys and survive on garbage food and drain water. But it diminished day by day, and my heart never felt darker or flooded with despair.

Until you came along.

You were a flashlight in my hopeless universe of complete black. You started out as a faint glow, ever since you rescued me from the usual gang of bullies. I can remember your cheerful smile as you extended you hand towards me.

“Hello! My name is Selina. What’s yours?”

And I just gazed back at you suspiciously. I didn’t know whether I should trust you. After all this time, no one had ever helped me. Not even the old granny sitting opposite my alley, who was a beggar herself. But your eyes held sincerity and your heart seemed to have pure intentions.

Still, you could have been lying, but you helped me. I rewarded you with my name.

“I-Imera,” I hesitated, and tried to give you a scowl to show you that I was not to be messed with. My voice shook and wavered. I thought you didn’t hear me, since I was so soft-spoken and timid. But, miraculously, you did.

“Imera, huh. Nice name. What do you say if we became friends?”

That joyful expression on your face, that stupid optimistic grin of yours made me go red. Of shame? Embarrassment? I didn’t know. And even until today, I had no clue.

As we hung out together for a few weeks, I warmed up to you and your sense of humour. I couldn’t understand how we clicked. We were different in so many ways. You were taller and much older than I was. You were clever, I was stupid. You were brave, but I was afraid. You were strong, and I was weak. Pathetically weak.

I still remember, the time when you urged me to explore beyond the horizons of the alley. I stood in the middle, backing away, wondering if you had some plot up your sleeves and I would have to go through all of the punishments all over again. I knew, I had to do something.

“It’s too scary!” I sobbed, sinking to my knees, acting frightened. Truthfully, I was…of you and what you would do to me once we were out in the open.  “Just leave me here! Go on your own, Lina! I’ll just be dragging you down!”

I thought my plan had worked, because you were too silent. And then, you embraced me. You gently took my hand and wiped my tears away. “Don’t worry,” you told me. “I am here. I’ll protect you.”

I was stunned by your words. We were two complete strangers before- two oddly mismatched people from two different worlds. We had only met for a few weeks…and you’d already decided to protect me, while I was still wary of you. Why should I deserve it?

And I watched your eyes as they told me the story of your sincerity and your pure intentions. Finally, I agreed. We tentatively moved to where people bustled around doing their daily things. Where sunlight was. Where freedom was.

And when we were finally bathed in the light, when I took in all the sight, sounds and smells of that little town I used to hate, my heart suddenly felt warm and fluttery. Even when I felt cold, hard stares down the back of my neck.

But I didn’t care. I had finally experienced joy. True joy.

“Isn’t so bad, is it?”

I looked up to you, your always smiling face, bathed under the sun rays, that brought out your confidence and elegance of a bright woman. You were shining like a goddess. My divine goddess of protection.

For the first time, I smiled.

“Yes, sister.”

You became my big sister. The one who always comforted me. My best and only friend I ever had. My family. My companion. You became my everything.

My star of hope and guidance.

Until this sparkly night, you whispered into my ear: “Let’s escape. Run away. And find our future.”

As you looked upon my bewildered face, your eyes told me softly, “Together.”

The main road comes up ahead after we pass several buildings. I look behind, as they slowly begin to disappear beyond my line of sight. Our hands grasp together tightly. My resolve gradually changes into: ‘Where ever you go, I go.’ 

Let’s escape!

I used to be a prisoner of my dreams and fantasy, where I imagined the day I muster up my courage and escape that wretched town and its horrid memories.

Let’s escape!

I was just a dancer in destiny. A disposable pawn where destiny controlled my fate and future. If you hadn’t turn up, I would have been tangled in its sticky web, never able to overcome it. Where it would entrap me in its snares and jaws.

Let’s escape!

Yes, I will escape with you to the morning where no one would stop us. To the summer where no one would bother us.

To our paradise.

We begin to board the train of hope, where our paradise await, in silver mists. Where we will finally find, our happy ending, as a complete family.

The day of our new beginning slowly dawns upon us with each step we take.

You guys should really watch Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee). It really is an amazing show.

I would like to thank for providing the English translation of this song and Suga Shikao plus Mummy D. for singing and rapping for this amazing mystical song.

Yay~ Wing and I are playing Dragon Nest! JOIN US>>>>


Dedicated to everyone in the universe


My cousin/sister needed help to send a letter to a senior she doesn’t know to wish her well for the upcoming ‘O’ Levels. So she sought my help. I was clueless too, for in my school, the peer leaders did it.

So I looked towards my wall, and saw the Collin McCarty quote (more like a long speech =.=) and typed this to her:

"It's not always easy to know which path to follow. 
Life is a complicated labyrinth of choices.
And from time to time, we may seek help to counter our dilemma.
But when it comes to depend on yourself, what's the best thing to do?
That's rather simple. 
Do your best. And everything will fall into place.
That's right. It's that easy. 
Just always do your best...and all of your dreams will, eventually, come true."

Therefore, to all my seniors in my Secondary school, to all those in my country, to all those in the world, taking examinations, no matter how major or minor they are, I want you to know, that all your aspirations aren’t impossible. No matter what they are. They are possible because you make it.

In the real world, you have to depend on yourself to make it happen. Miracles can’t help you; only when you strive and work hard, will true miracles happen.

It doesn’t matter who or what you are. If you believe, you shall achieve.

There are no limits to possibility. If people say the sky is the limit, reach beyond it. Don’t listen to them, for in the end, you are doing this for yourself, for your own future. It all comes down to yourself.

Don’t say you can’t write, because, technically, you can. Because you are the author of your own story. Live with it.

When you are stuck in a pit, or trapped in a cave, or lost in the jungle, if you want to live, make it happen. Make use of everything you have. Even if you eventually die, at least die trying. It’s better than not doing anything at all. At least you can tell yourself: “I persevered. I didn’t just give up. I didn’t die for nothing.”

Never let your flame burn out.

I think I totally went forked out of this dedication.

Anyway, just remember: you can do it.


Ask Dawn!


Okay, so this is super random. So my friend has this tumblr website: Okay so that is already quite obvious. For those who don’t know, Dawn is from Pokemon. Yes, the cute Japanese show with a yellow Pikachu. So I asked her seriously stupid questions and here was one of the questions she replied to:

She drew it. Yes, not kidding. SHE DRAWS DAMN NICE. Most of my gang can draw really awesome pictures. Damn their talents.

Ah well. Since I’ve already posted a one-shot this week, the next one will come out next week.


Grandma Saves the Day


Okay, so today I got top for First Aid test- 30.5/37 Ecstatic me hypered. Too awesome already:) But SFA coming up and I can’t just oh-got-top-no-need-study away. Need to mug harder. I am so scared I will fail. I can’t do bandages properly. Ironic for a Red Cross Cadet.

So today’s story is my Commonwealth Essay and my MYE (kind of) essay. So enjoy? BTW- I got 20/30 for it, so don’t expect too much.


As I stood, gazing towards the setting sun, the clouds were slowly dipped in purplish-orange paint. As the great life-giver sank down, seemingly into the vast ocean, it made me reminisce of the courageous woman who painstakingly brought my own mother into this world.  As my fingers unconsciously stroked the scar that stretched from my wrist to my shoulder, that haunting memory of my childhood began to unfold into a drama— a tragedy of a lifetime.


My maternal grandmother was my personal hero, a woman with an iron will. Her spirit was like a blazing flame amidst the cruel blizzard, warm and soothing at the same time. We visited her very often and both of us developed a strong mutual bond. In other words, my grandmother and I were inseparable.

Every Friday, after school, I would buy her a tin of her favourite sweets. But on that particular Friday, there was a storm. Rain was pelting mercilessly on those who had no umbrella in their hands. I was the lucky few who kept a small umbrella tucked away in a bag. As soon as I stepped the zebra crossing, something like a steel vault slammed into my side before my world went spinning madly into an abyss of darkness.

When I awoke in the hospital, my mother was standing over me; her tears pouring out of her eyes like it meant nothing. My father was coaxing her, and my grandmother was sitting down, staring at me in shock. I felt an oxygen mask over my nose and mouth and it felt weird. I discovered then that I could not move or speak. All the response I could give was a few blinks of my eyelids.

In the background, I could faintly hear beeping noises and the doctor saying, “I am sorry, but your daughter has lost a lot of blood. Her organs are going to fail soon. I suggest you find a donor immediately or you can prepare for the worst.”

My relatives volunteered themselves and I watched as one by one, they were pricked by some heavily starched uniformed nurses. My mother was talking to me, comforting me. But my arm began to tingle and sting, making me wince. I started to feel the effects of the crash as my whole body began to ache terribly.

It seemed like a millennium before the doctor came back with his results. As he walked over, I could clearly see the sullen expression plastered on his tan face.

“I’ve got some good news and bad news,” he narrowed his eyes at my family members. “Good news is there is a suitable donor among all of you. Bad news is that the person has a high risk of not making it.” And he pointed – to my grandmother.

My eyes widened in shock.  I could not let her take the risk. I watched as her gentle brown eyes fixed their gaze on me.

No, please, no,” I begged silently. Tears began to well up in the corners of my eyes, unable to imagine the days without my grandmother. Her kind smile, her cheerful face…I could not let her just die like this.

“Well?” the doctor pressed on. “Will you, as this girl’s grandmother, save her?”

I tried to shake my head, pound on the bed in refusal, but I knew, in her eyes, that she was determined to let me live.

“Yes, I will.” And that was probably the day when my soul felt like dying.


Though she put up a great battle against Death, she was too weak to pull through the surgery. My soul was tormented by the two overwhelming emotions that spiraled within me as I attended her funeral. Depressed, because I caused her death; Anger, because I could not stop her. But a better way to describe it was that my heart and soul were torn apart from me.

However, through her noble sacrifice, my grandmother taught me to be compassionate and kind. Every time I see my scars, I remember my how she gave up her life to save mine.

I looked up into the gaudy sky, smiling. And one day, some day, I will do the same.

The Broken Door


Author’s Note: This was my school essay and I got top for it:) Super happy. 26/30 I modified a lot., but it’s still narrative writing. I totally edited it and added a few more. Apparently, I had a mistake and the teacher didn’t notice it. Well, what can I say? It happens. So enjoy 😀

The Broken Door

She sat there, staring ahead into the inky darkness. Her breaths came out quick and panicky. Behind her, footsteps echoed.

She felt rather disoriented. After all, she had not been aware where she was running to. The footsteps were much closer now. She swallowed her fear as she nimbly charged through the darkness.

Her long nightgown was gradually becoming a great nuisance. She found that she could not increase her speed, as it was obstructing her knees’ movements. She wanted to rip it off, but there was no time. And she couldn’t go running naked in a strange place. Plus, who knew if there were any guys out there lurking and waiting for a girl like her to take advantage of. So, with no other alternatives at hand, she had to keep it on.

How did she get it anyway? All she remembered were doctors and nurses and…nothing. She placed a hand on her head as a headache threatened to take over if she tried to recall. What happened to her memory? Was she suffering from amnesia?

The ground felt cool under her bare feet. Every step she came into contact with it, a cold, tingling feeling shot up her spine. As she ran, her surroundings were getting brighter. She could make out walls, windows…and a sign. With a jolt, she realised where she was.

Horrified, she sped up. It could not be true! It had to be a lie…somehow. She could hear voices shouting behind her.

Flinging her head back, she saw men clad in white chasing after her; their boots pounding heavily against the floor. Her auburn hair trailed behind her as she kept on running.

The corridor suddenly seemed endless. Her heart was palpitating furiously in fear and anxiety. She burst into tears as she went on as all her hope started draining away. How was she going to shake them off her tail? It was entirely impossible. She could jump out of a window, but that would probably mean instant death, if she was too high up, because she was unsure whether she was at ground level or some higher stories.

And then, she saw it. A door. That was it. Her freedom. It was so close…She reached out….

A rough hand grabbed her by the shoulder, yanking her back. She cried out in pain. She thrashed about as she was pushed onto the floor as someone pulled her hands back and locked them together securely.

She screamed. Instinctively, something within her mind snapped. Her eyes flung open as large energy vibes crackled in the air, sending the man into the air. The air blasted around her, throwing everyone around her onto the ground as she stood up, and broke everything within her radius –including the door.

Something sharp struck her back. She gasped and looked behind. A feather stuck out from her shoulder. Her head felt so heavy…She stumbled around dizzily…sleepy…

The last thing she saw was the broken door –her broken freedom—as she spiralled unwillingly into an abyss of darkness.


The professor pulled the dart from the girl’s back. His tenth experiment had failed. Experiment P.S.Y –Psychological Super-powered Youngsters—was a failure. But it did succeed in way. It showed that the mind was capable of doing things beyond their wildest imaginations. This time, the subject was able to project a powerful psychic blast around her.

It was clear. The girl had potential. His key to unlocking the secrets of the human brain.

His men dragged her back into the laboratory. He took one last look at the broken door. He would make sure that the girl will never be able to obtain freedom ever again.



When she awoke, Aschyris didn’t know where she was. She was trapped in a sea of darkness where she could not even see herself, let alone anything. Panic swept over her as she called out fearfully, “H-hello?”

There was no response. Questions raced through her mind. Where was she? How did she get here? But most importantly, where were the lights?

Tentatively, she groped around for a switch. She came in contact with a hard, bumpy surface. She dragged her hands over the wall slowly. She swallowed her fright as she followed the endless surface, moving blindly into the vast darkness. Powerful vibes pulsated from the wall, as if it was alive. Her palms felt sweaty against it in discomfort. It seemed like it was hiding something; keeping her in.

As she progressed, half of her wanted to turn around and go back, while the other urged her to keep going. She imagined zombies, or ghosts popping out to meet her, but she pushed the hallucinations into the back of her mind. Abruptly, she heard voices echoing:

She’s too powerful.

But I can’t give up…

As Aschyris blinked, images flashed through her mind. A girl, around fifteen or sixteen, was glaring across the field. Her brown hair was neatly tied up in a ponytail, but through closer observation, Aschyris could see beads of perspiration trickling down her cheeks. Right opposite her was another girl with blond curly hair pushed back by a brown bandanna.

As she watched on, Aschyris could feel the rage building in one of them, but she didn’t know who. More flashes whizzed by. She saw a midnight black-haired girl running through the forest, panting heavily and was cut up badly. Her white dress was in tatters, the fabric threatening to tear off.

Aschyris could feel her anxiety and fear. Something was approaching quickly…closer…and closer…And finally a burning pain that seemed to block out everything. Aschyris suppressed a scream as she realised who she was.

How could she have forgotten about her own identity? Shaking her head vigorously, she yelled out, “Believe in yourself!”

Once again, images zoomed past. She grasped them, barely, as she began to take in what was happening outside.

She saw the blond girl smirking as she summoned up a great flurry of vines towards the other. The brunette, that foolish Sacrael Lyrtle, made no attempts to budge, ending up getting caught in its clutches.

Aschyris felt her humiliation and desperation. She had to help her! She just had to! Because that girl was her-

Not now! Summoning her Spirit into her mind, she forced out a louder command. Concentrate!

Suddenly, with a surge of faith like a blast of wind in her face, Aschyris was at her full capacity. Her eyes were tingling as she let her Spirit burst forth and melt into flames. At the outside world, it took the form of a huge phoenix, spreading its magnificent gold wings and charged, screeching, at the blond.

However, normal people couldn’t see it. Since she was pnév̱mancer or a psychic, as you would normally call it, she could see spirits; like in rocks, the trees… Everyone, everything, in the outside world had spirits, no matter whether they were living or not.

She saw the blond widen her eyes as she was consumed by the flames. A loud shriek pierced the air before she was completely disintegrated. Predictably, the remains of the blond spiraled up, transforming into a creature with a luscious coat of fur of charcoal black. Its two legs and arms were muscularly built as it reared up its wolf head and howled. It was unbelievable how a monster of such beauty and power could be so evil.

Aschyris knew it would be too much for her…host to handle. What could she, existing in conscience form, do? Give useful expert advice? Take over her body?

 You know the answer. Once you were two, now one. As half of the same, you have to be two again.

With a big smile, Aschyris closed her eyes. And I shall.

When she opened them again, she was outside, directly infront of the wolf-beast. Being in the outside world was as amazing as she had remembered. Her raven hair spilled at her shoulders, and her dress was still the same— white and shimmering.

“Who are you?” it demanded, sheathing its knife-sharp claws.

Mustering up her strength, she declared, roaring, “I am Aschyris Luena Lyrtle, first child in the third generation of Lyrtles!”

Pointing to a shocked Sacrael, before giving the wolf-creature a good blast, she snarled furiously, “And that is my twin you are harming.”

She knew, her mortal presence would bring joy and much devastation. But all it mattered now was that, after spending years in her sister’s mind, she was, finally, alive.

Hello world!


Hello to everyone reading this post:)

My name is Aschyris, though not my real name, you can just call me Ash. I adopted this name from one of my favourite original characters.

I decided to post some one-shots here on wordpress so as to gain more experience as a freelance writer. I hope that one day, my name will be in bookstores all over the world. That may seem like a really huge dream to declare, since I am only 14.

But I am determined to make that come true. Even if I fail, and find some other career, I wish that I will be able to pick up some life experience from writing.

For today, the story of Aschyris will be posted. However, this is like a companion essay to my own series, Forgotten.

Thank you.




‘I am who I am and no one in this world can change that, no matter how you try.’